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Christmas Knittie

Bought the Christmas Knitties pattern last week and got a bit of time today to make one of the ornaments.

Meet the mini snowman.

The pattern calls for 3mm needles. I made mine with 2.75 needles as that's what I knit all my toys with. Think next time though that I may make them with 3.5's as they don't need to be stuffed much so the knitting doesn't have to be so tight.

A nice easy to follow pattern.

Linda, the designer, also has an Etsy shop with knitting kits for sale.

Sock Toys

Took a break from the knitting for a day or two to make some sock toys for the market.

Firstly a monkey,
Then I started to make another one, but forgot to cut the tail (!) so it ended up being a dog.

Puerperium Cardigan

Another pattern I found on Ravelry - Puerperium Cardigan

A really quick knit and a very easy pattern to follow. I knit it in the same cotton I used to make the Loopy Soother a few weeks ago. Its a bit of a boring colour so I jazzed it up with colourful buttons and a fabric pocket.


This little girl can't wait til she's old enough for ballet lessons.

Sock Robot

I've signed up to do a local market at the start of November, so need to start making some toys to sell (and still have baby gifts to knit for all the babies that are due in October!)

An few hours sewing at home, while Emily was in hospital to have her tongue-tie cut, and the result was this little guy -

Might need to refine it but think I'll be making more like this guy

Pic from handmAid

Checked the handmAid website today and they had updated that they raised 5000 euro for the Somalia fund! How great is that. Sounds like it was a really fun day too - so bummed I missed it.

And in amongst the photos was one of some of my toys.

Click on the picture to be taken to the handmAid website.


From Jean Greenhowe's Knitted Animals, for a one-year old boy's birthday.

Wool Shopping

Dropped my toys for the handmAid day into This is Knit in Dublin yesterday. And of course, couldn't get out without purchasing some lovely yarns.

Baby Cashmerino for a hat,

and some lovely hand-dyed lace weight merino by Laura Hogan.

Little Baby Sweater

Little Baby Sweater by the Purl Bee

I fell in love with this little cardie when I saw it on Rav so I just had to knit. Thankfully there are 5 babies expected in the coming months so it will get a new home very soon!

Its supposed to fit 0-6 months. Just about fits Oliver, whose only 15 weeks, but then he is a monster baby and is about the size of a 6 month old already!