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Oliver's New Hoodie

Felt like it took ages to knit, but it actually didn't.  I quite like the black and grey.  Not your typical colours for a small boy but it suits him.
 He looks a bit of a thug in this pic!

Mermaid Tears Purse

Another crochet pattern. Think I'm on a roll!

This time a free pattern from Bernat.  It was very easy to make, made easier by a video tutorial.

I will definitely make more of these for presents.


I bought this little crochet pattern a few weeks ago but hadn't gotten around to making it til now.

Meet Sukie.

She got at the cakes,

and now she has a fat tummy!

My Blog is Fixed

I hope.

Apologies to anyone who was trying to read the blog, or whose own blog was affected by it.

Either someone planted some nasty stuff on my blog or I had a link to a blog that had been affected by something nasty.  So I deleted a few pages and links and that seems to have done the trick.

One page that had to be deleted was the blog post with the link to the free mini hippo pattern - so here it is again.

download now for the mini hippo


In his newly appliqued t-shirt

Pink Monkey

I've been knitting a hoodie for Oliver for what seems like forever, so I needed a quick toy fix.

A pair of Emily's old tights, some stuffing and some felt - you have yourself a monkey!

This little guy will be for sale in my Etsy shop as soon as Etsy is back on line (it was down this morning for upgrading the system)

Blue Dog

This little guy was made using a G&G pattern I bought on Etsy a few months ago.  The actual pattern was for a reindeer, but I fancied making a bear or something so I just gave it different ears and a tail.

His face is a little weird - I machine-stitched it, but hadn't marked it out before hand so its a little crocked!

Irish Yarn Bomb

Its a bit hard to see in the photo (apologies, the photo was taken from the far side of the road on my iPhone), but here is a little bit of Irish Yarn Bombing which I recently saw in Oylegate (population 324).

Unexpected, but giving people lots of smiles, I'd say!

Ruffle Scarf

A lovely little crochet pattern from Lion Brand Yarn.  This was very quick to make, and super easy.

Looks good when its done though!

This will be a gift for Emily's teacher when she finished playschool at the end of June.


Snow White's dress got its much needed collar and some Velcro at the back for fastening.

She just needs to be wrapped now and sent off.

Toy Hospital

Again I have not been too frequent with the blogging. I find since getting an iPhone that I tend to not turn on the computer as much as I can get my emails and Facebook on the phone.  It does mean that I miss out on blog reading though - which I'm missing!

I have also been working away on some submission pieces for magazines - fingers crossed!

The Toy Hospital was in session in our house today.  Hello Kitty's dress had begun to fray so I cut her a collar and sewed it over the fraying section - hopefully that will stop it from fraying any more.

Finished off with a sparkly button to keep a little girl happy ;-)