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mmmcrafts Monkey

The original pattern is Molly Monkey. I omitted the skirt and made a boy monkey instead.

He kinda looks like he's wearing stripey pjs!

Preparations for the Christmas markets

Lots of Santas, snowmen and stockings from my Mini Christmas Tree Trims pattern.

Zed Word

A little zombie made using my Little Red pattern by a very inventive Ravelry user. Thought it was so cool I just had to share it.

Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

For a lovely lady in Canada. Hopefully she likes them, and I can pop them off in the post to her.

Gaudi Mosiacs


Barcelona Architecture

It felt like I was back in college on a field-trip, looking at the city. I definitely had my 'landscape architecture' hat on.

There's just something about European cities!

Mies Van De Roh pavillion:

Images from Barcelona

DH was in Barcelona this past week for work, so as my parents kindly offered to look after the kids I flew over on Thursday evening and spent a few days there too.

A few tourist-y images:

And the winner is....

Hatsuka with her suggestion of:

Kiiro the Lion
A copy of the pattern is on its way to you Hatsuka.

For anyone else interested in the pattern, follow the link to buy through Ravelry.

buy now

Competition Time!

A new pattern for the shop.

All he needs now is a name.
A free pattern will go to whoever comes up with the best name. Just leave your suggestion in the comments section (plus some contact info) and a winner will be picked on 16th October 2011

Free Pattern - Mini Monkey

I've had this pattern typed up for months now, but just haven't gotten around to publishing it.

The final animal for the time being in the Mini Jungle Animals series -

Mini Monkey

Have fun knitting!

Moderne Baby Blanket

I didn't have the book, just the free printout from the internet, so didn't know how to do the mitered border. Was planning on doing an i-cord border but got too tired and just crocheted a little white border around the edge instead.

Now someone just needs to have a boy!

Dolly Time!

Emily has a 4-year-old party to attend this afternoon, so there was a flurry of sewing over the last 2 days.

I used the Little Miss Storybook doll from 'Wee Wonderfuls-24 Toys to Sew and Love' as a base for the doll, stole the dress from Katie Kitty to make her a removable dress, and added my only little pair of shorts/knickers.

Hopefully the birthday girl likes her!

WIP - Moderne Baby Blanket

I've been knitting this blanket on-and-off for the last 3 weeks or so, the Moderne Baby Blanket.

It started off really quickly because of the small sections but has really slowed down now. That may also be because I keep having to take breaks to make other things.

And I need to get it finished quick as I need to make christmas ornaments and toys for the upcoming markets!