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Owl Baby Vest

Made for a friend who is due in a few months. She requested a vest - I provided!

New Dress

For Emily!

She had a similar shaped dress from H&M that just suited her so well so I made a slightly larger version as the original was getting a bit small.

She saw me doing the bow embroidery on the bodice and requested some dogs too that she'd seen in one of my embroidery books!

I like the embroidery though - I see a few dresses with embroidery in the future in the Etsy shop.

Happy St Patrick's Day!


Handmade Monsters Treasury

My little Kapor was featured in a really cool 'Monster' treasury over on Etsy - thanks Amanda!

Slow work!

Sewing down some bias binding today around the edge of one of the toddler aprons while Oliver is up for his nap.

God, it's slow work!

IPad Case

A little case whipped up quickly for my new iPad mini, as we're heading off for a few days and I don't want it getting damaged.

I used some Cath Kidston fabric and some plain, thin fleece on the inside.

A little WIP

A dress for a 3-4 yr old. Just needs a zip put in the back and the hem finished.

Simple, but nice for the summer, I think!