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Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

Made as a custom order for a lovely Etsy customer. I had great fun making these!

Yet Another Sock Dog/Ted

First off, I got accepted to the next Crafty Market in Dublin on 4th July. So I need to get making some toys!

And, another sock dog/ted. This one I tried to make my own version and make a teddy. I think he kinda still looks like a dog though. The real question though is does it look enough of my own design that I can sell it, or does it just look like the pattern that started my sock toy journey?

I hate the whole copyright issue and take great pains not to try copy other designers work. But I suppose we're always inspired by other designers work!

Another Sock Dog

This time made with a brand new sock. I also changed the eyes - I much rather these to the simple crosses in the pattern.

Sock Doggy

Craft Schmaft had a sale on their patterns last weekend so I treated myself to one - a sock dog.

Made with an old pair for socks, some cotton and felt. Very quick and easy to make.

More Big Knit hats (and a mini pattern!)

19 hats so far. Not too bad as I have a few knitting projects on the go at the moment. If I do a few each week I should quite a few by September.

I've knit quite a few of these little earflap hats so I though I'd share the pattern in case anyone else wanted to add some variety to their hat statsh.

Ear-flap Hat

I used dk yarn and 4mm needles as for the patterns on the Innocent Smoothie leaflets.

Earflaps (make 2):
Cast on 3 sts.
Row 1: (Inc1) twice, k1 - 5 sts.
Row 2: k
Row 3: Inc1, k2, Inc1, k1 - 7 sts.
Rows 4-7: k
Break off yarn and leave earflap on a spare needle.

Main Hat:
Row 1:Cast on 3 sts, k across sts from 1 earflap, cast on 7 sts, k across sts from 2nd earflap, cast on 4 sts - 28 sts.
Row 2-7: k
Rows 8-16: st-st, beg k
Row 17: (k2tog) to end - 14 sts.
Row 18: (p2tog) to end - 7 sts.
Row 19: (k1, m1) to last st, k1 - 13 sts.
Rows 20-22: st-st, beg p.
Row 23: (k2tog) to last st, k1 - 7 sts.
Break off a long length of yarn, thread through remaining sts, pull up tightly and fasten off. S…

Father's Day!

Father's Day in Ireland today. I helped Smem to make a collage picture for her daddy during the week.

He was well impressed!

Free Pattern - Lily

As promised. Available to download now, for free, through Ravlery! Just click on the linky

download now

Bunny Slippers

Super quick pattern from the book 'Easy Kids Knits'. I made these in one day - toddler size.

And surprise of surprises, Smem has actually been wearing them!

Meet Lily

Free pattern to follow as soon as I get it typed up!

Retro Floppy Doll

Made for Smem a few weeks ago but she didn't have a mouth so only finished her today. Her arms and legs are made with a knit fabric which makes her really squishy and floppy.

Something about her has a sort-of retro feel.

Burda Bunny

Made using a pattern from BurdaStyle June 2010. Made for my little god-daughter.

Just cause!

The First Hat!


The Big Knit is Back!

This lovely charity project involves knitting (or crocheting) little hats for Innocent Smoothie bottles. Money is then donated to Age Action for every bottle sold. Its great fun and can be quite competitive - if you follow the Irish Big Knit group on Ravelry!

I took part in 2008 (it didn't happen in 2009, probably blamed on the recession). So today I received a letter from them in the post with details of this year's Big Knit and some cards with hat patterns on them. Its a really cool idea 'cause I can now bring those cards to the local knitting groups and build up a bit of interest.

So let the mini hat knitting commence!

Garden Progress

We have a lovely new shed,

The patio has been cleared and weeded,

And lots of weeding done under the back wall,

Getting there, but slowly. Its kinda' hot in Ireland at the moment (shouldn't complain I know!) so its hard to stay out for long. And don't want Emily to get sunstroke or sunburnt.

A summer dress

From a pattern I found on Ravelry - Rolly . I'd recommend this dress pattern. Its quick and simple and very easy to wear.