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Pretty Ballerina

From my Ballerina pattern

Dancing Dolls!

Two little dancing dolls, made using my 'Irish Dancer' pattern.

These two are a custom order for two little girls in America, and they'll get them on St. Patrick's Day - very apt!

New Dress

For Emily!

Made using a new t-shirt and the bottom of an old dress of mine (which had a stain that I just couldn't get rid off above the pattern piece)

Check this out!

I've wanted to get Emily a house for her Barbies for a while now, as I think she would play with them more if she had a house.

However, they are quite expensive to buy so I started researching making one online, and found this..

The most amazing Barbie house ever made, from the IkatBag blog.  How cool is this mam.  Click on the pic for a link to the actual blog post.

Now, just need to find some cardboard!!

Lea Cloche

From 'Weekend Hats'

Loved this pattern, and love the whole book. I'd love to make quite a few hats from it.

This hat is destined for a present for someone else. I quite like it though so might have to make one for myself!