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Super Hero Road-Testing

Oliver is in quality control today, testing out the latest knitted toy (a super hero from my free pattern in Petite Purls!)

Tatty Teddy

A customer asked if I could knit a Tatty Teddy for her grand-child.Here is my first attempt, without any embellishments.

I now need to try size it up. He's about 8" but she asked for one about 12".
Found the pattern for this on Ravelry (sorry, no link as I'm doing this post via my phone!). The pattern is bi-lingual, French and English. The knitting part is written pretty well but the making up instructions are pretty sparse so it's definitely not a pattern for beginners.

Bucket Bags

Two bags made, one using one of the tea towels, the other using one of DH's old shirts!
I wonder which one she'll choose?

I made good use of the free lace from my sister in law too. Some of it was the perfect shade of minty-green to match.

Tea Towels

The lady who runs the choir I sing with asked if I would make her a bag. I'd made one for her back around Easter, but she wants another, more wintery, bag.I found this tea towels in the local supermarket. €7 for the three.

I think they could make a very nice bag - or two.