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Dublin Zoo

The sickness continued, if you can believe it. After having the chicken pox, Emily got the flu.  Luckily this week is the mid-term from playschool so she didn't miss any more days.

Poor chick though, she's had it tough the last week and a half.

Yesterday she woke up feeling better.  I had planned taking her to the zoo over the hols as I had some free tickets so I wrapped us all up nice and warm and we headed off.

It was a really good day and Emily really enjoyed it.  It was her third time to Dublin Zoo but the first time that she's really got it.

Now for the picture heavy part of  the post:

On the wishing chair in the farm section (one information board had 'inFARMation' written on it - get it!!)

The elephants
The White Collared Mangabey - Emily spent ages looking at these guys as there were a few very energetic younger ones running around.
The giraffes

Emily's photo of the peacock - he kept moving on her!

Emily dancing with the penguins
Emily eaten by a pengui…

Dolly Blankets

I've needed some simple projects some of these nights as the kids have been quite a bit of work lately and I'm just too tired to concentrate on anything complicated in the evenings.

So granny square dolly blankets it is (Also handy for using up all the little bits of yarn in my stash).

Being put to good use already!

I may make a few for the next market.  Emily is always looking for blankets for her toys so I presume most little girls are the same!

Happy Valentine's Day

(Emily's blue cardie was girl-ied up last night with some pink buttons and mulit-coloured felt hears)

Mini Owl Bag

Made using a tutorial on Mama G's Big Crafty Blog.  I only have DK weight yarn so I used that with 4.5mm hook and 3.5mm hook for the eyes.  My bag is quite small but its perfect for Emily to put her little things in.
Might make it again holding two strands of yarn and using a bigger hook.

Its super cute though and the pattern is really well written.  The photos are particularly helpful for someone like me who isn't a very accomplished crocheter.

Lots of WIPs

Another WIP post - really must start getting the time to finish some of these projects!

This time a cardigan for Emily.  I realised about a week ago that we were missing her two zip-up hoodies.  That's what I get for not writing her name on the tags and then sending her off to playschool.  She'd had them a while though so its not a huge loss.

But, it did spur me on to make her a new cardigan. I knew I had some chunky wool so I searched Ravelry for a suitable pattern, something quick and easy.

And I found Keiju by Lilia Mankki (english version)  There is a slight typo in the English version so I messed up the ribbing on the collar a bit, but I don't think Emily will mind.  I also made the body a bit longer, and added longer sleeves as this is to be a cover-up cardigan.  And it gets chilly here in Ireland!

I've finished the knitting part now and am waiting on buttons which I ordered from eBay.  Then I have to work some magic with embroidery or applique or something, as a…

A Definite Work In Progress!!

I've been trying to design a little doll based on Emily's drawings of people.  I have a pretty cool looking body, and arms.  The head is a little unusual but fairly true to her drawing.

The poor legs however need some work.  This did not turn out how I expected at all!
Back to the drawing (or should that be drafting!) board for me.

A Little Pick Me Up

The latest knitting project, on the go the last week or so, was a little sweater for Oliver. I saw the pattern 'A Little Pick Me Up' in the new patterns on Ravelry and just had to have it - knitted top-down and in dk weight yarn.  My kind of sweater!

The pattern was easy to follow and really well written.  The yoke has wrapped sts that are dropped and carried down the yoke.  I would not do these again as they pull the rows up a bit, but that may be due to my technique rather than the pattern.

Poor little Oliver.  I knit the 18 month size which is the smallest in the pattern and it fits him, and he only 8.5 months.
I think he likes it!

Katie Kitty

Another Wee Wonderfuls pattern.  This time Katie Kitty from '24 Toys to Sew and Love'.

An easy pattern to follow (as always) and she looks super cute.  She's made with a fleece blanket from Aldi and some Cath Kidston patterned fabric, and random trimmings.  I gave her a bow on her dress, instead of buttons, and buttons on her shoes instead of bows.

A closer view.

A 'Super' Transformation

I made this little monkey a few months ago, and he didn't sell at the markets over Christmas.  So with a four-year-old boy's birthday coming up I figured with some work he could be suitable.

He aquired a pair of pants, and a desire to read books!
Then he took on a whole other persona -

Super Monkey!
Out looking for wrongs to right...
His mask and cape are made of felt and close with velcro so they're perfect for a little boy.

I think there may be  many more super toys in the future.  I quite enjoyed making this one!