Dublin Zoo

The sickness continued, if you can believe it. After having the chicken pox, Emily got the flu.  Luckily this week is the mid-term from playschool so she didn't miss any more days.

Poor chick though, she's had it tough the last week and a half.

Yesterday she woke up feeling better.  I had planned taking her to the zoo over the hols as I had some free tickets so I wrapped us all up nice and warm and we headed off.

It was a really good day and Emily really enjoyed it.  It was her third time to Dublin Zoo but the first time that she's really got it.

Now for the picture heavy part of  the post:

On the wishing chair in the farm section (one information board had 'inFARMation' written on it - get it!!)

The elephants
The White Collared Mangabey - Emily spent ages looking at these guys as there were a few very energetic younger ones running around.
The giraffes

Emily's photo of the peacock - he kept moving on her!

Emily dancing with the penguins
Emily eaten by a penguin!
The lemurs


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