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Japanese Ladies

I got these decoupage sheets with a craft magazine last December but have only just finished them. They've been in a bag awaiting completin for a long time. I added some beads to jazz the pictures up. I think they will look like in Smem's room.

Emily's Cot Quilt

Realised today that I never posted any pictures of the quilt and bumper I made for Emily's cot.

The Dead Flags

The Dead Flags single video is up on UTube.


Still working on the seahorse so no new craft projects to write about. Was talking to one of my friends yesterday and she says that she saw really simple little keepsake quilts for babies for €50 each. Maybe I should go into production!

Here's a little picture of Smem to brighten the day. She's a little out of sorts still - what with the teeth and more immunisation shots today. Poor thing!

Teething Problems

First - the crafts. Still doing only the seahorse in a bid to get it finished. Starting to feel a bit better about it as it actually looks like I've done something now. Although I feel like I'm over half way through it will probably take me ages to get it done still.

And next - Little Emily. Well someone is starting to get awful pains in their gums. At least I hope its that because if not then she really does not like me! I've been trying everything under the sun to give her some respite - rattles kept in the fridge to chew on, calpol (the old favourite!), and Teetha (powdery granules that I drop into her mouth). And of course lots of love and hugs. Not easy when she's been screaming for over an hour. I just have to remember what all the books say - 'ITS JUST A PHASE!'

Stupid Cross-stitch

So, I'm still working away at the seahorse. I'm getting a little bit sick of it now. There are so many ideas in my head that I would much rather be working on. Think I will stick to my own projects once I get this finished.

Billy and Betty Blueberry won't knit themselves.

Tomorrow we are off to another wedding. My Mam and Dad are very kindly coming up from Wexford to mind The Smem. At least they won't have her all night as we'll be back - this wedding reception is to be in a restaurant, not a hotel, so no-one is staying over. So much nicer to wake up in your own bed the morning after.

Wexford play Dublin in the football this Sunday. COME ON WEXFORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christenings galore!

Forgot to take a picture of the first christening gift I made for the Powers so here is the second. Isabella is to have her christening in two weeks. She's only ten weeks now and is the cutest little thing. She's able to roll over and move around her cot already.

The teddy, hat and boots are all from different books but I think they all work well together.

At the moment I am also doing an alchemy request - a cross-stitch pattern of a seahorse. It's not coming along too bad considering I only started it this day last week. It's kinda boring though. I don't particularly like the photorealistic patterns. I much rather the cutesy cartoony type ones.

Have found out about a knitting group in Celbridge - The Witty Knitters. They meet on the first and third Tuesday of the month in The Mucky Duck (where we had Smem's reception). Although its a bit daunting meeting lots of new people I can't wait to go. It'll be great to meet like-minded people and get to know more …

Busy Busy Busy

Very busy at the moment so not so up-to-date on the blogging. We were at a wedding last week in Brooklodge, Co. Wicklow. It was absolutely gorgeous but very expensive. Emily stayed with her granny and grandad in Wexford that night. She seemed to get on okay but they were both pretty wrecked afterwards!

On the crafting front, I have been busy at work but have not been taking pictures - stupid me!

My boss' wife had a baby so I made a playmat for them. It's like the 'cute as a button' one but had little cars instead and said 'vroom, vroom'. Can't believe I forgot to take a picture before posting it.

I'm also making presents for two christenings this month. For both I am knitting little boots, a hat and a soft toy. I finished one set in blue and brown for a little boy but have it wrapped already so I can't take a picture - doh! I am in the middle of doing a lavender and brown one at the moment for the second christening, a little girl, so I will …