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Another ATC today, from Sharon, who shares my birthday date. It's really nice. I reminded me of a Henry James novel I read years ago, something about the feel of that era.

Kawaii Turtles

BurdaStyle rocks! I downloaded a pattern for a toddler's jumper/dress (The Vivienne Jumper) last week and made it up today. It is super cute and super quick and easy to make.

I can't wait to get Smem into it - she'll look so cute!

More ATCs

I got two more ATCs last Thursday (from Kate and Marga) but just hadn't gotten round to taking pictures and blogging. Yesterday I got 4 more so lots of lovely pictures to show today!

First is from Norma. I love fairy things so this is perfect (apologies for not having turned the photo before uploading)
Next is from Marga. The colours of this one make me think of Spain.
A lovely leafy one from Kate, the swap organiser.
A lovely glittery pyramid from Joyce,
Black and White with some lovely red buttons from Di

And lastly, one that makes me think of Chanel from Jovita.

Best of Friends!


Quack + Dirk

My bother's girlfriend opened a new shop yesterday in Fairview in Dublin. Its called Quack and Dirk. Its got some vintage clothing and some skirts and bags that she has made herself. Everything is really tasteful and pretty, and the shop is really cute.

The official opening is on Thursday 12th March from 5.30 to about 8.30 with wine and cheese. All are welcome to share in the fun.

She had two little plushies on one shelf and Smem insisted we buy one -

More Dolls

I knit another dancing doll over the last few days to put on Etsy - test the waters and see if she sells (not yet!). I had knit one with a royal blue dress but I actually sold her to one of the ladies who I meet at our local knitting group.
This litttle gal has red hair, both others had brown.

This week I also made another version of the (Afternoon) Tea Top. This one I made in a slightly stretchy polycotton with a 50's paris print. I added straps to this one and it looked much better on me. The pattern is available for free on Burdastyle. You just have to register as a member to be able to print it off.

And the Winners are.....

Oh my gosh, there were so many people that I wanted to win in this giveaway. The comments were so lovely. And I hadn't intended to get all the birthday wishes, I was just using my birthday as a good excuse to have a bigger giveaway than usual.

So Thank You to everyone!

I was good and logged on to to get the winners.

The winner is comment no.3 - Faye in Australia (I was delighted about this as she has been a regular customer of my Etsy shop. Fate works in mysterious ways!)

The runners up are - no.5 - Jennifer
no.15 - Doula Mommy
(I can't get either of your emails so please send me one and I'll send on your pdf knitting pattern. I will see if you're on Ravelry also)

Again, thanks to everyone for taking part. For those who didn't win, the pattern is on sale in my Etsy shop and I try to have giveaways for new patterns towards the end of each month.

And I'm having a lovely birthday so far. I was …

My Birthday Giveaway - Irish Dancing Doll

As it is my birthday on Friday, I've decided to do a special giveaway. Up for grabs are this little lass, a copy of issue two of Irish Quilting, a few fat quarters and some papercraft stuff. And maybe other things!

Leave a message on the blog and one will be picked randomly on Friday morning. Two runners up will get a pdf copy of the knitting pattern for the Irish Dancer.

The doll pattern will also be available for sale on Etsy, and some made dolls too, for those who don't win.

Good Luck, and Happy February to everyone (I love this month!)

More ATCs

First up is from Julie in USA
Next is from Marina in Italy,
Next is from Morning Dove in USA
A batik from Kathy in the UK,
And an ATC from Kathy
And lastly, from Silvia in Italy.
Its lovely getting post!

Heart Ornament

The heart from the Valentine Wand.

Free Project - Valentine Wand

A cute little gift for Valentine's Day (or make without the wand and add a hanging cord for pretty ornaments)

oddments of red, pink and white dk yarn
2.75mm needles
darning needle
small amount of polyester stuffing
two drinking straws

Nice and tight so the stuffing doesn't show through. Aim for around 10 sts and 9 rows to 1 inch.

Heart (make2):
Using red cast on 2 sts.
Inc K-wise into every st.
P 1 row.
Inc into first and last st.
Repeat the last 2 rows until there are 20 sts in total.
St-st 5 rows.
Next Row: K2tog, K6, K2tog. Turn and continue on these 8 sts. Leave remaining sts on a spare needle.
P 1 row.
K2tog, K4, K2tog - 6 sts.
P2tog, P2, P2tog - 4 sts.
K2tog twice - 2 sts.
Break off long length of yarn, thread through remaining sts, pull up tightly and fasten off.
Reconnect yarn to remaining sts.
K2tog, K6, K2tog - 8 sts.
P 1 row.
K2tog, K4, K2tog - 6 sts.
P2tog, P2, P2tog - 4 sts.
K2tog twice - 2 sts.
Break off a long length of yarn, thread through remaining sts, pull up tight…

Kooky Love Bird

My valentine's gift for C. I'd seen a tutorial over on Molly Chicken. I didn't print off the templates or check the pattern again before I made it so it doesn't look half as good as the original but I think it will be nice for C.

A little bit off!
Here's a sneak peek from the Plushie Swap from Ravelry. I'll post better pictures once the package has been received.

Lastly, another ATC. This one came from Ann Clare. The colours are stunning - the photograph doesn't do it justice.


Just on ATC in the post today, from Norma in the UK. Lovely butterflies.

She also sent a pack of pink embroidery thread that smells of roses. And the smell should last for up to 20 washes - what a cool idea!

Afternoon Tea Top

I've been trying out different bodice types to get some idea of what I want for my wedding dress. I got a pattern for this top (Afternoon Tea Top) on Burdastyle. It was really easy to follow. Not sure how fits yet as I haven't tried it on but I made it in a stretchy knit fabric so I should be able to get into it.

I got another 2 ATCs yesterday in the post.

First is from Mary in The Netherlands. Lovely colours!

Second is from Shelia in Scotland. Sorry the picture for this one is not the best. Its a lovely piece of embroidery with beads. Very pretty.

Lots of Post

Again, I can't post about what I have been crafting as its for a swap.

Thankfully though, I've gotten loads of ATCs in the post between yesterday and today so I can show them.

The first is from Pauline. You can't see it in the photo but it is very subtely sparkly, which I really like.

Next is from Wil Opio Oguta in the Netherlands.

Next is from Wendy
Next is Cindy's - very quirky!

And lastly, one from Leah.

I have to go and email everyone now and thank them for all the post.

The Fighting Irish

Well, it was a great day for rugby today! For once Ireland lived up to all the hype and won a match. Woo Hoo! Even Smem was smiling whenever they scored (although I think she was just joining in the general merriment as she was sitting with her back to the telly!).

I have done quite a bit of crafting so far this weekend but I can't show it 'cause its all for swaps. Last night I was very tired (another day of very little napping for Smem!) so I just sat and worked on my ATCs for Kate's swap. I managed to get the fronts for another 4 finished, so that will keep me going for another while.

Today I worked on the Plushie swap, both the actual knitted toy and some other stuff to go in the parcel.

I must remember to take pictures so that I can post them once they have been received.

Tonight C is out so I'm chilling out alone. I'll definitely do some surfing, a bit of telly watching and some knitting.

And I trimmed my hair and cut a fringe this evening.

A very productive …

An Unusual Week

Its been a bit crazy here all week. We had very heavy snow on both Monday and Tuesday afternoon/evening which made pretty much everywhere shut down. It has meant that myself and Smem have been housebound all week. My knitting group was cancelled on Tuesday night as the roads were too dangerous. I did consider walking down but I was the only one within walking distance and no-one driving would have been able to get there. Choir practice on Wednesday night was also cancelled.

I did manage to get out yesterday morning. I had to post the blueberries to Jake in New York. When he'll get them is another thing. The snow was crazy again yesterday, so much so that many lfights were cancelled out of Dublin airport.

In good news, I got my copy of Irish Quilting in the post on Monday.

And one of the designs is my Tweety Birds Quilt.

It wasn't as good a feeling as I thought to see it. The quilting was so bad and it just didn't photograph well. Its still nice to be in there. And m…

And the February Winners are:

The random number generator threw out 2, 4 and 13 so the winners are:


Thank you to everyone who entered. Please try again next time if you didn't win.

February Giveaway - Meet Kapoor!

Meet Kapoor. This little guy loves the snow but doesn't like how cold and wet it makes him so he's decided to stay inside today and just watch the pretty snow!

Leave a comment before Thursday morning and be in with a chance to win a pdf knitting pattern for Kapoor. Three winners will be chosen at random.

Good Luck!

A busy day, and then some!

This weekend I was mostly knitting blueberries. A little 10 year old boy in New York had bought 3 of the knitting patterns on Etsy - he thought he was buying the actual toys. Anyway, his dad asked if I could make the toys specially for him. So I said yes, cause it was so cute. He wanted 3 - one for himself and one for each of his friends. How sweet!

This morning we woke up to snow - everywhere!
It wasn't very thick and by lunchtime most of it had melted away. We're still getting little flurries of snow from time to time so we may wake up to snow again tomorrow.

This morning I was very productive. I dusted and hoovered in the living room, swept the kitchen, went to the shops for provisions and made fish dinners and some roasted veggies for Smem.

So now I am taking a break with a cup of coffee and some chocolate while Smem sleeps - well deserved!

And in more news, the lace that I had won on eBay arrived this afternoon in all its ivory and glittering gold beautifulness. It'…

Where are my purple pants?

I put a few items on Dwanda quite a while ago but I never really promoted it properly and I only look on it every now and then. I still get the Dwanda newsletter though.

This month's had some eCards - one of which features my Bunny in Coat! Its very cute and definitely made me smile this morning.