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Me Time!

Taking some time out to knit something for myself with lovely Coolree yarn I got for Christmas.

Project Runway Week!!

Last week, my sister-in-law, who owns a little boutique in Dublin city, asked me to make up two little girls dresses for one of her customers, as she was finding it hard to find the time to do them.

So, details were texted on Tuesday morning, and I met my mother that morning to collect the fabric.  However, on reading her notes I realised that the dresses were not needed for the middle of May, but actally for that weekend coming (20th/21st April).

Panic stations for a bit, then I started to work.

I had to draft patterns for the same dress  for a 2 year old and 4 year old, using the little sketch I'd received.  Cut out the pieces, sewed them all up, lined the dresses.


A few puckers on the cap sleeve ;)
Dropped the dresses into the shop Thursday morning, ready for the customer to collect them for an event on Saturday.

Just hope they fit!

Spring Bag

A friend asked for a 'Spring' bag. So after a bit of perusing on Ravelry I settled on 'Satchel Grande' from Lion Brand Yarn.

I used two strands of aran weight yarn and 8mm needles so I think its a bit smaller than the original, but that worked for me.
Lined inside, with pockets.
Ties on the side to stop the back looking too bulky!

Baby Mobiles

Made using my free patterns for jungle animals, and toadstools.

I just used small circular bag handles for the ring part.

African Flower Purse

Keeping up my attempts to get presents made well in advance, so that I'm not panic knitting!

This is the African Flower Purse, a free crochet pattern I found through Ravelry.

It was a well written pattern, and very easy to follow, even for a novice crocheter like me.  I lined it with a navy fleece and added a spotty pocket.

Dolls' House Renovations

It was Emily's birthday the end of March.  I really wanted to get her a Barbie house for her to play with all her Barbie-esque dolls.  However, they are very expensive.

So I bought this second-hand, ( a high school musical school house)
A bit of spray paint, and wallpapering with wrapping paper and glittery card, and Viola!

Barbie Heaven!!

Market Day

All set up and ready to go for this weekend's market at The Mill Centre, Celbridge.