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Want a giggle?

Are you a blogger in need of a giggle?

Check out this blog post from Kathy at Pink Chalk Studio.

I definitely suffer from this!

A little break!

Finished the knitting for my next 'Little People' eBooklet last night.

Just need to get out to take photos now and then write it all up. Myself and Smem may have to go out for a photo-shoot tomorrow!

So today I'm taking time out to check out on all the lovely blogs that I haven't had time to read properly for the past few weeks. And hopefully all the wonderful bloggers out there will inspire my next project!

Another FO

This time for me!

Made from a pattern I found on Ravelry - more of a recipe than a fully written pattern.
I was a little scared of the sleeves as there was no pattern for the sleeve cap, but it was an easy pattern to follow in all other areas.

Opium Poppy

FO - Retro Sweater

A little FO for a friend who had a baby boy last week.

Retro Sweater by Sublime yarns. A very quick and easy knit.

Boo! Hiss!

So I didn't get picked for May's Crafty Market. Although it may be a blessing in disguise - they've moved location to somewhere I never even heard of before so not sure what the layout will be or how successful it will be. I'll have to remember to go in that weekend and check it out.

So I decided to try out some of the toys I made in my Etsy shop. So I took loads of photos yesterday when it was nice and sunny and have spent most of this evening starting to list them.

Listing takes so long!

I've put on one or two toys before but had no interest. The only toys I've sold have been custom order ones (and only two sales in total). So I'll have to wait and see how it goes.

Maybe I'll have some more success this time (and at least the patterns keep to sell, albeit slowly).

Car Blanket/Cushion

An FO to show - a blanket I knit for my brother for his birthday. Car Blanket by Lion Brand Yarn. It was surprising quick to knit and the stripes added some interest to keep me going!

By the way, he rents a little cottage in near Dublin city centre for anyone who may visit Ireland at any stage.

Blue Bunny

Blue Bunny is, well, blue!
Rabbit season is over and no-one's too interested in him.

He might cheer up if he sits in the sun for a little while.

made using Bunny in Coat patternbuy now

We love the sun!

We had fantastic weather in Ireland this weekend. Myself and Smem spent Friday afternoon at Castletown House running around the grounds and then went to a birthday party for one of her friends on Saturday. Smem ate loads of sweets and snacks! and we had great fun running around outside.

And cuter than cute, the birthday boy gave a flower to Smem. So sweet!

Then on Sunday DH took Smem down to his parents so I had a few hours sewing time. I've not had that in ages so it was great. I had come up with a new idea for a baby quilt during the week so it was great to get a start on the cutting and sewing. No pics though as I may submit the design to Irish Quilting if it tunrs out nice.

Plenty of knitting on the go at the moment. I'm swapping between a new ebooklet pattern (more Little People) and making toys for the next craft fair. Busy busy!

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall..
All the kings' horses and all the kings' men couldn't put Humpty together again.

Okay so my Humpty Dumpty is a bit bandy!! Not as good as the original. I'd definitely recommend this pattern. It doesn't take long to do and the instructions are easy to follow.

And I'm sure someone else could make it better than me. I do love him though (and so did Smem!)

Spring Flowers

Did a little bit of flower arranging this afternoon, with the few slim pickings from our garden. There are loads of daffodils outside the front door and I figured a few wouldn't be missed. Also out the front is a lovely 'Prunus' tree with gorgeous little white flowers.

I needed something to bulk it up so I cut some variegated holly branches.

Not too shabby!
(Spot my little treat on the worktop behind the vase - creme egg!)

How do you wear yours?

I'm featured today on the Quack + Dirk website in the 'How do you wear yours?' section

I bought that dress from Deirdre after Christmas as my mam had bought me a voucher for the shop as part of my christmas present.

Plus, check out the other pictures. One is of a dress that made it to the IFTAs (Irish Film and Television Awards). That's a pretty cool achievement for Deids.

Another Humpty

I normally change the colours around when I knit toys but I didn't change any for this Humpty. I think I got them just right first time round (if I do say so myself!)

Some new fabric

Money is super tight this month so I don't have any to be spending on nice wool and fabric.

Luckily DH got me a voucher for Kildare Village, a designer outlet shopping village, for my birthday back in February. One of the shops is Cath Kidston so I went down on Tuesday and had a field-day!

Some serious bag making to follow I think as most of these fabrics are very hard-wearing cotton.

Can't wait!