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Hats, hats, hats

Big Knit 2008 has started and thank God Sweensie invited me to join. I needed a fun, fast project after the fairy godmother. And boy are these hats addictive!

Here are some pics of the hats to far...

I'm up to about 21 at this stage so going good. I read on the Innocent Smoothie website about one woman who made 750. C thinks I'm trying to beat the record! Only have until Oct 22nd though so I don't think I'll get anywhere near that amount done.
One Friday I made a dress for Smem. Only realised that she doesn't have many 6-9 month clothes and some of the 3-6 month ones were just too small now. I had gotten a cheapo pattern months ago. It wasn't so nice so I used the shape to make my own pattern. I think its rather cute - if I do say so myself!

And a very happy half year birthday to Smem who was 6 months on Sunday.

(And I believe a happy birthday to Sweensie too!)

And the Winners are...!

Thanks so much to everyone for all the lovely comments. It's so nice to get good feedback.

The winners are:


(uys can you send on email addresses to so I can send on the pattern as I can't seem to get them from the comments left. Thank you.)

A special note goes out to FunkyPixie for her fantastic poem. Please send me a contact email and I'll send you on a copy of the pattern too.

Blog Giveaway! - Fairy Godmother

She's finished. Yippe!! Pattern for sale now in Etsy

However, for this weekend I am giving away three patterns for free. Leave a post on the blog before Monday morning. Three will be picked at random and the pattern will be emailed to them.

Good Luck!

WIP - Fairy Godmother

Had a lovely weekend after. C was away so it was just me and Smem. My mam was up on Saturday night and we had a good long chat. Very nice.

The Fairy Godmother is coming along well. I absolutely love her hair! She is quite large though, about 15". Think once I'm finished her I'll make a series of fairy tale characters in a smaller size. I'm itching to make a dragon.
Today Smem got a new toy.....

Bad Blogger

I can't believe it is so long since I blogged! I am on the computer every day checking emails and looking at patterns on Ravelry. It's very bad not to have blogged about anything. Trying to get used to the fact that my life is ruled by a baby and that I can't do what I want when I want.

Like trying to find a time when I can participate in panel meetings for the quilting magazine. It's starting to wreck my head.

And Emily has discovered that she can scream so is constantly screaming at me for no reason. She is a little madam already!

In crafty news, I made a dress for Smem with left over wool. I ran out though and had to finish it with a dark pink trim. It turned out nice. The photoshoot was not so good, someone was not in the mood.

Here is a sneak preview of the present I made for Mam from Christmas. Will have lots of posting to do after Christmas with all the FOs.

Now I am knitting something for R and making a Fairy Godmother pattern. The Fairy Godmother is taking precende…

Pixie Hat Pattern

Finally sewed up the hat that I knit when I was at home in Wexford. It fits Smem really well and she looks so cute so thought I would share the pattern.

It can be worn with the point up, which makes it look like a pixie hat, or..

you can turn over a brim at the bottom and wear it like a beanie. Very versatile!

I used size 4mm needles and dk yarn. You will need a darning needle to sew it up.The hat will stretch to fit my head, so size wise I would put it at 6 months and upwards, just lenghten the ribbing for bigger heads.Cast on 100 sts.Work K2,P2 rib for 4 inches.To shape the top work the following decrease, keeping the rib pattern correct (I have just written it was knit (K) as I didn't write it down as I knit it. The picture below should show how it looks):Row 1: (K8, K2tog) to end - 90 sts.Row 2 and every alternate row: Work ribRow 3: (K7, K2tog) to end - 80 sts.Row 5: (K6, K2tog) to end - 70 sts.Row 7: (K5, K2tog) to end - 60 sts.Row 9: (K4, K2tog) to end - 50 sts.Row 11: (K…

Back Home

Well myself and Smem had a nice few days in Wexford. Smem was in great form, smiling at eveyone.

She did take some time out to chill out and catch up on some reading!

We even got to go to the beach. It was really windy though so Smem said lying down and wrapped up in her pram so she didn't actually see the beach. My crazy father and sister went for a swim.

No crafting to report. I did make a dress into a skirt for my sister but didn't take a picture. And did knit a random, no pattern hat the last night I was there as I had to do something. Haven't sewn it up though so don't know if it will fit anyone.Back home now and in the mood to craft big-time. Have finished the back and one front of K's cardie. Only the right front to do now. Can't wait to get it finished and get on to some new knitting projects. Watched Shrek 3 last night and have an idea for a fairy toy.....

Chibi Bunny

A little bunny pattern from My Little Mochi. I found this pattern ages ago but hadn't got round to making it. Its so cute and super fast to do, only started making it after dinner this evening.

Won't be posting for a few days. Myself and Smem are off down to Wexford to see the grandparents.