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Poor Dolly!

This poor little dolly has been sitting on my sewing basket for a few weeks now, just waiting on a collar for her dress and some Velcro on the back.


A Rebecca Danger pattern - I wasn't as pleased with this in the flesh, but it looks okay in the photo.  It was destined for a little boy but when I wasn't happy I made him another present.  So Oliver got this guy!

They're done!

Four little baby cardigans, all ready to go.

Hopefully the colours will be suitable.

Happy Birthday Oliver!

Our little man is 1 today.Can't believe how fast that year has passed!

Baby Cardigans

No craft updates for a while,I know.I've been working away on the cardigans for my neighbour's sister.

Inspirational Photos

Taken by my sister-in-law at my Nana's old house.  Click on the linky below to be taken through to her shop's Facebook page to see the other photos.  Lots of vintage goodness.


Nana's House

The weekend just gone we were down in Tipperary for a wedding.  My Mam is from close by where the wedding was so we all stayed at my Nana's old house on Sunday night.  My brother and his wife and kid, my sister and her boyfriend, and my mam and dad all stayed too.
It was a lovely evening - I don't think that house has seen so many people since Nana died (9 years ago)
And to finish, a picture of one of the roses in the garden.  My Nana used grow lots of roses back when she had the time and energy, long before my time!  So roses always make me think of her.

Here's to you Nana.

Another LaLaLoosy-esque Doll

This time for my cousin's daughter as the kids are staying with them while d grown-ups go to a wedding.