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Birthday Cake

Emily turns seven today. It's hard to believe! We had her party yesterday afternoon at an indoor play centre near our house, and it was princess themed.
So I put on my baking hat and made a castle cake.

It started to go a bit dodgy mid-way through but I think I managed to pull it off in the end.

She was happy with it so that's all that matters really.

Rag Dolls

So I spent most of today making cake for Emily's birthday party tomorrow. I just need to assemble and decorate it in the morning.

I've only done a tiny bit of sewing over the last few days. One task was to see faces on all these doll bodies.

Now I have to make them some clothes.
But first a coffee break!

Lots of Toys

So I'm still a bit quiet with the blog, and I'm still in a bit of a creative funk, but I've been quietly knitting away.

Up in the corner is a variation to my 'Anna-Beth' pattern. I will put the pattern up - eventually!

Finished Mug Rugs

I'm quite pleased with these. Especially the machine embroidery - I had good fun doing that.

The backing fabric was the starting point colour-wise - it's coffee themed so it was perfect for this project.

Now I just need to buy some 'sweet treats' to go along with the mug rugs.

Machine Embroidery

My first attempt at machine embroidery, inspired by a Poppy Teffrey book from the library.
I think I may be doing a lot more of this in the future!