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Pair of dolls

Not sure if this should be 'mother and baby' or 'big and little sisters'. Think the sisters is cuter.

Spotty Ted

With a jaunty glittery scarf, of course!

2 Kapoors

I'm crafting like crazy at the moment to try and get enough stock for the market.

First up: 2 Kapoors.
Have to say I love these guys. They're quick to knit and look so cute and squishy.

The pattern is for sale in my Etsy shop and on Ravelry for those who are interested.

Crafty Market

I applied to take a stall at the March Crafty Market. And I got in. Woo hoo!

I went in to check out the February market at the start of the month. It seems really nice. Some cool pieces for sale, and a really nice atmosphere.

So now I have to get knitting and making plushie's like you wouldn't believe by 7th March. Let's get knitting!

Lion Plushie

Not perfect, but he's not far off.

She wore the wings!

Just long enough to have her picture taken, as she loves having her picture taken. Then they had to come straight off!

Candyfloss Fairy Wings

I got some pink sparkly yarn from my mother for Christmas. Only thing is its 100% polyester and is quite scratchy.
I decided to use some of it up for the Ravelympics by making the Woodland Fairy Wings.
I was a bit daunted as all the pale pink parts you see in the picture are actually crochet, and crochet is definitely not my strong suit. Thankfully it was all just single crochet so it was easy to follow.
And the lace pattern for the wings was easy to follow to and very quick to knit up.

I did get a tip last night at knitting to soak the wings in pure fabric softener. So I'll have to try that out and see if it works.

If not I will be using the rest of the yarn by knitting it with a softer yarn to take away some of the scratiness.


Made using an old pattern that my mother had, that I adapted slightly. Not happy with the gusset for the legs but he's cute in his own quirky way!

Baby Shoes

Made to go with the Kaia Babydoll dress I made. I used this pattern from Ravelry. Very easy to follow and very quick to knit.

The Knitting Song

Found the link on the Knitting Owl's blog. Think its rather cute!

Kaia Babydoll Dress

I made this little dress as a gift for one of DH's friend who just had their second child, a little girl.

I found the pattern on Ravelry (as always!), the Kaia Babydoll dress. Its so quick and easy to make and pattern is really easy to follow. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a nice pattern.

I started out with a light green colour, rather than going for the traditional pink for a baby girl. And I had a complementary darker toned green in my statsh that I trimmed it with. Now that its finished it looks quite 'Irish-y'. Not what I intended at the start but it still is kinda cute.

And I may enter in the St. Patrick's Day Celebration competition on Ravelry if I don't get a chance to make anything irish-themed between now and then!

Check it Out!

I discovered this blog during the week through a link on the MochiMochiLand blog. I realise its probably not the best marketing strategy to be bringing a competitor's work to the attention of my readers but I just had to.

I wish my blog looked this, my toys were this adorable, my photographs were as well shot as these, and that I could think up super cute stories too.
I am so jealous!

Check it out though, 'cause everything is just gorgeous. Flutterby Patch and Dollytime, the Etsy shop for the patterns.

So jealous!

P.s. Mochimochiland is also great. Anna is a great designer of super fun patterns. Love them!


Just in time for Valentine's Day (as I actually remembered this year!)

A super quick little knit. The pattern will be available on Etsy and Ravelry.

Jaunty Blue Bunny