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Poor neglected blog!

Unfortunately I've not been so good at blogging over the last few years. Having small kids at home has taken most of my focus. And over the last year or so I have not been designing many new patterns - I just haven't been inspired.
But two things have happened to get me back on track. 1 - both children are now in primary school five days a week for 5 and 6 hours each. 2 - I was contact by UK magazine Let's Get Crafting - Knitting and Crochet to join their design team.
Having to come up with a new design every month has gotten my mind more focused and the ideas are starting to flow again. Woo hoo!
At the moment I'm working on re-designing the mermaid I made for Creative Knitting magazine back in 2011. I've re-done her tail and am now working on a pattern to knit hair instead of sewing strands of yarn on. (Knitting hair is kinda' my thing at the moment!)

I also have another project in the pipeline based on the old Crolly dolls that were made in Donegal in Ireland years…