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Getting some projects finished

I've another two baby presents finished.

First off, the overalls I had knitted (from Chic Knits for Stylish Babies). I added a little pocket to the front in light blue, then made a hat (Simple Hat by Debbie Bliss) and booties (Baby Booties by Claire Crompton).
I also finished off a stripey sweater (Boatneck Sweater by Debbie Bliss) and a stripey hat to match (Simple Hat by Debbie Bliss).

One will go to one of the ladies from the Sallins knitting group who had her fourth boy the week before last - maybe the overalls.

And then the other is packaged up and ready in waiting for the next boy to be born.

Now I can get back to knitting some toys for a while I think!

I do love cake!

Another Etsy Treasury link - this time the wedding cake toppers

Baby Owl

One of DH's friends had a baby boy on Sunday (same day as my birthday!).

I already had the Baby Owlet vest ready to go, so I just knit a little owl, by Susan B. Anderson, to go with it.

A simple, in the round pattern, that only took me one evening to make. I omitted the feet - I had tried to make them previously and they didn't turn out too well. Don't think he misses them too much!

Where is my fairy godmother?

My Fairy Godmother pattern is in a treasury today on Etsy - 'Where is my fairy godmother?'

Its pretty cute, so check it out.

Birthday Books

DH got me two craft books for my birthday

Zombie Felties
and Amigurumi - Super Happy Crochet Cute
The crochet book is to challenge me, apparently. Only thing is I only have one crochet hook so I'll need to go out and buy a few more before I can try to tackle any of the patterns.

The zombie book is more for him I think! I'm more into cutsey-cutsey stuff and these are not that. I may end up changing the patterns a bit to make something more to my taste.

Baby Blankets

Our little knitting group in Celbridge has decided to make some baby blankets to donate to the National Maternity Hospital in Dublin, after a lovely lady donated a lot of baby wool last year.

I hadn't started on any blankets yet, due to other commitments, so Monday night I started crocheting a granny square - the only crochet I can actually do!

Its pretty much done now, as they're only for preemie babies and putting in the incubators so they don't need to be big.

I did learn from one of the other ladies, Joan, how to sew blankets squares together so that they're not lumpy. She uses ladder stitch, which I've used to sew up holes in toys but had never clicked that it could be used to sew together pieces of knitting.

So the next blanket will be one made of squares so that I can practice sewing the squares together!

Baby Boots

To go with the 'Oblique' cardigan that I knit.
All wrapped up and ready to go for whoever has a baby girl

Update: The boots are from the book 'Chic Knits for Stylish Babies', from the 'A Touch of Folklore' clothing set.

Another Mermaid

Another one from the Wee Wonderfuls book.

This time for Smem's little friend as its her birthday tomorrow (same day as mine!) and we're going to her birthday party this afternoon.

Sleepy Bed Bug

From the Mochimochi Land book that I got for Christmas:

My poor arm

Bad pic, I know. But had to show the state of my arm after getting blood taken twice for tests this week.
So I'll have a lovely dirty mark on my arm for my 30th birthday party this weekend. Boo!

They're gone!

Gretchen and Tom are gone!

I made these dolls last summer and they went to all the markets I did, and were on Etsy for sale the whole time. However, I think they were nearly 'too' good and no-one really wanted to buy them to give to children for fear they would be destroyed.

So instead I have sent them off to be a raffle prize for a good local cause in my home county, Wexford. Hopefully they'll help to raise a bit of money and go to a good home.

Pucker Up and Kiss?

My little wedding cake toppers are featured in an Etsy Treasury today.


A Happy Little Girl!

At Playzone yesterday. Only problem is she came down the slide so fast I missed her with the camera!

Can't post about what I'm working on at the moment as it will hopefully be a submission to a magazine (due in 16th - bit of a panic on now).

Poor Little Neglected Blog ;(

Even though I'm on the computer every day, more than once, I realised I hadn't been updating the blog at all. Bad me!

That's not to say that I haven't been doing anything. I've been knitting like mad. Trying to get baby gifts in order for the next few months of baby-boom in Ireland.

Kitty Overalls from Chic Knits for Stylish Babies
And Oblique,
Now I'm knitting up ideas to submit for the November issue of Creative Knitting. Submissions are due by Feb 14th so the rush is on.