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A taste of what's to come

Funny how quickly you get out of the habit of blogging. I only have to miss it for 2-3 days and I find it so hard to get back into the routine.

Add to that the fact that I've been really tired lately. So tired that even my knitting has slowed down - not good in the run up to Christmas!

So to keep you all interested, a taste of what's to come.

(As soon as I have the time and energy to type up the pattern!)

A wee Scots couple

I'm quite enjoying making my little cake toppers. This time the request was for the groom to wear a kilt. I was even given a picture of the family tartan to replicate.
A challenge, but I got there - using 4ply sock yarn, embroidery thread and 2mm needles.

And he's a true Scotsman with no pants on under his quilt. He is even anatomically correct which will give everyone a good giggle at the wedding!

When things come together

Do you ever make something that just works right? DH is away at a stag for the weekend so dinner was full of veggies!

I roasted courgettes, sweet potato, carrots, garlic, red onion, parsnip and cherry tomatoes. Then I cooked chicken in the oven, and some rice and mixed it all up together.

Yum yum!

Lack of Posting

Apologies for the lack of posting over the last week.

I headed down to Wexford for the weekend for a hen party. Luckily it was in Wexford Town so I stayed with my parents. I felt a bit funny when I got home on the Friday night, and couldn't blame it on drink as I'd driven, but thought I was just tired.
Saturday I kept getting pains in my tummy, like from excessive wind. Then Saturday eve I started doing horrible stuff. I still went out that night but couldn't really eat anything and definitely wasn't drinking!
Sunday I was supposed to drive home but ended up staying at my parents as I felt so bad. Was still a bit crappy on Monday but managed the drive, with a few pit-stops. Thank God for the air-con in DH's car!

So I only started back to doing a bit of knitting last night (Tuesday). I got a custom order last Thursday for the wedding toppers, this time with the groom in a kilt. The bride has even sent me on a picture of the exact family tartan so it'll be…

Innocent Hats

A final picture of my little hats before I packed them up yesterday. They went off to the post office this morning.

Only 41 made this year. I made loads at the start but kept finding other projects to do over the last month or so.

Adieu little hats!

My Crafty Market stall

I had a stall at the Crafty Market yesterday. Not as bad as the last one, in that I at least covered the cost of the stall.

Holding out for Christmas!

A Princess Dress

From a Zoe Mellor book. Rav link.

To go with a little glittery pink crown and a book full of princess stories.

Perfect for a four-year-old!

Etsy Ireland ATC Challenge

My ATC for the Etsy Ireland Challenge, as organised by Virginie.

Follow the link to see all the participants. Etsy Ireland Blog

Inspired by my little painting.

Burda Dress

I started making this dress months ago but just don't seem to find time to get to the sewing machine. I didn't have quite enough fabric (an old quilt cover from the charity shop!) so its a little short.
And the fabric was really light so I lined the whole dress with a sheet. But it was a bad idea as it just makes the dress too heavy and fat.

The bodice is nice though and fits well so I may use that again, and just do a straight or slightly a-line skirt with it.


The wild-flower seeds I planted at the start of the summer are starting to flower.

Makes our garden look a bit more like a garden, and not so much of a vegetable patch!