Lack of Posting

Apologies for the lack of posting over the last week.

I headed down to Wexford for the weekend for a hen party. Luckily it was in Wexford Town so I stayed with my parents. I felt a bit funny when I got home on the Friday night, and couldn't blame it on drink as I'd driven, but thought I was just tired.
Saturday I kept getting pains in my tummy, like from excessive wind. Then Saturday eve I started doing horrible stuff. I still went out that night but couldn't really eat anything and definitely wasn't drinking!
Sunday I was supposed to drive home but ended up staying at my parents as I felt so bad. Was still a bit crappy on Monday but managed the drive, with a few pit-stops. Thank God for the air-con in DH's car!

So I only started back to doing a bit of knitting last night (Tuesday). I got a custom order last Thursday for the wedding toppers, this time with the groom in a kilt. The bride has even sent me on a picture of the exact family tartan so it'll be fun trying to replicate that.

So hopefully a few pics in another few days!


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