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Fairy Princess Party

For Emily and two of her friends (one had to drop out due to illness)

Emily blowing out the candle.
The dressed up as fairy princesses, with wands, wings and crowns made from sparkly card.

Some bashing of balloons (which were hanging from the ceiling) - a very important fairy past-time.

And some fairy dancing - to The Nutcraker!

It was a lovely day and I had a very tired little girl this evening!

4 today!

can't believe she's 4 already

spring blossoms

the weather thinks its summer in ireland-just check out that amazing blue sky

my niece in her christening bonnet

knitted by me!

Who could resist this face???


Don't these look good enough to eat?



So named by Emily.

Now she has clothes - I quite like her.

Happy St Patrick's Day

No pictures from the parade as we got washed out of it!

So a few pics of the kids when we got home and dried off, dressed in their green finery.

I made Emily's necklace using this crochet pattern for the shamrock and just doing a simple chain to pull it over her head.  The shamrock was very easy to make, even for a sort-of-non-crocheter like me!

And a picture of Oliver, so he doesn't feel left out.

Eating Lego, of course!

Inspiration from Emily

Emily's drawing
My version, drawn out to make a pattern from.  And beautifully coloured by Emily!

The initial doll, whose first attempt leg I posted a few weeks ago.  Her legs and feet look much better now!

My Mini Zoo

I knitting quite a few of my mini jungle animals (links to free patterns on the right hand side of the blog!) for the next market I'm doing, on 1st April.

Loving the lions!

Some Lovely Books

Another hang-over from when I was sick.  I got some books on my Amazon wishlist for my birthday from DH.

First up, Plush-o-Rama.  This book is full of really weird and wonderful designs.  Probably a bit more adult or out-there than the toys I tend to make, which are more cute-sy, but it will definitely be used for inspiration and in learning more about constructing toys.

Next up, a book that I keep getting out of the local library - The Essential Guide to Colour Knitting Techniques.  A really good reference book with lots of great ideas for using colour and texture in knitting.  I really want to start using more patterns in my actual knitting so this book will come in very handy.

A really lovely book to browse through - Tilda's Studio.  This book does have information on how to make the stuff you see in the book, but I see it more as an inspiration book.  There are some really beautiful photos and nice ideas for how to put colours and objects together.

And lastly, another referenc…

Crafty Ireland Exchange

I signed up last month for a little craft exchange within the Etsy Ireland team.

I made a little knitted necklace, which I forgot to photograph - I'll blame being sick for that one!

In return I got 3 lovely little bracelets and a beautiful postcard - all from Su at SuSimply.

Check out her blog.  Her photos are fantastic, and it's really nice to see how someone else sees Dublin.

Sweet Living Pics

The editor from Sweet Living sent me on some screen shots of the magazine to show you guys.

 I kinda want a bunch of macaroons! (they'd actually be really cute like that for Oliver's first birthday in May, but if I made them they wouldn't look like that)

Click on the picture to be brought to the magazine.

Sweet Living Magazine

Remember my Fruit Bunnies from last summer's Petite Purls?

Well, they've now been featured in this months issue of Sweet Living, an online lifestyle magazine. Its a really nice magazine, with loads of crafty tips, and some nice cooking tips too.  This month has a big section on fruits and preserves.  Makes me want to make some scones so that I can use some homemade jam!

My little guys are on page 33.

Dolly Blankets

The crochet continued while I was sick.  I got some serious stash-busting done.

A little hiatus!

A brief hiatus there due to sickness.  After Emily was sick, Oliver came down with a touch of something, then I got the flu.  Then I just got really really tired (no sick-days for SAHM's) and sort of shut-down.

Back to normal now, apart from a cough, but energy levels have been restored - actually considering going out to cut the grass this morning! - and I've had the desire to pick up my knitting needles again.  Thank God!

I have been working away on a few projects so details of them will follow over the next few days.

For today, a little pic of Oliver after his sister got at him.
I think he saw the funny side!