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Crochet Tea Set

One of Emily's friends asked me recently if I'd knit her a tea-set for her birthday.
So I obliged,

But with a crochet version.

Hope she liked it!
I used this pattern from Ravelry

The finished onesie

It took about 2 1/2 weeks but looks lovely now it's done. And I got some lovely wooden buttons for it.

A Christmas present for me!

I been working so hard making toys and knitting clothes - I'm only starting on some of my Christmas presents now.  How bloody late is that!

So I though I would treat myself.  I've loved Julie's toys for so long and was so happy when she finally published some this year.

I bought both the girl and boy bunny patterns.  And I think I'll be getting more - the fox looks pretty cool!

Not sure when I'll get time to knit them though!!!!

Baby Aran onsie

I was asked by a friend of a friend to make an Aran baby onsie that she'd seen on Facebook. One an all-over Aran pattern and a shawl collar. I couldn't find a matching pattern so I'm mashing two patterns together. Just hope it turns out alright. So far so good. I've got the legs done so far and am getting my eye in on the pattern.
Time now for some coffee, and then joining for the body!

Testing out sizes

I was commissioned to make a cream bonnet for a 18 month old. I used Oliver to check the size.

Super Hero Road-Testing

Oliver is in quality control today, testing out the latest knitted toy (a super hero from my free pattern in Petite Purls!)

Tatty Teddy

A customer asked if I could knit a Tatty Teddy for her grand-child.Here is my first attempt, without any embellishments.

I now need to try size it up. He's about 8" but she asked for one about 12".
Found the pattern for this on Ravelry (sorry, no link as I'm doing this post via my phone!). The pattern is bi-lingual, French and English. The knitting part is written pretty well but the making up instructions are pretty sparse so it's definitely not a pattern for beginners.

Bucket Bags

Two bags made, one using one of the tea towels, the other using one of DH's old shirts!
I wonder which one she'll choose?

I made good use of the free lace from my sister in law too. Some of it was the perfect shade of minty-green to match.

Tea Towels

The lady who runs the choir I sing with asked if I would make her a bag. I'd made one for her back around Easter, but she wants another, more wintery, bag.I found this tea towels in the local supermarket. €7 for the three.

I think they could make a very nice bag - or two.

Brioche Infinity Scarf

I knit this from a pattern I found on Ravelry. I used Aldi Aran weight yarn and 6.5 mm needles. It's beautifully squishy and soft. It's for a friend for Christmas, but I want one for me too now. And so does DH!


Every time I'm at the sewing machine these days Oliver is over asking if what I'm making is for him. So after finishing a few dresses I decided to make a waistcoat for him. It's made from one of DH'snold shirts and is modelled on a H&M waistcoat Oliver got last Christmas.

Think it turned out pretty cute!

Brioche Stitch

I started knitting a scarf last night in brioche stitch. Some easy knitting for the evenings.I love it - so soft and squishy.

Kinda want to knit everything in brioche stitch now!

Another bonnet!

Had a fairly disastrous day at the market on Sunday, but it means the pressure is off for the next one. Every cloud!
This week has been mostly about catching up on housework. I have taken time out though, of course, to knit a new bonnet for my niece. Her mother loves them as they stay on and fit nicely.
A nice navy one this time to go with her mustard yellow winter coat. Should be cute!

Getting ready for the market

I'm super busy at the moment getting all set for the Christmas markets. I'm only doing three but I didn't have a huge amount of stock so there's been lots of knitting,


And printing out some of patterns,

P.s. the knitted doll will be released as a pattern at some stage but probably not til December. Need to get the markets out of the way first!

Zig zag dress

For my god-daughter for her 7th birthday. Hope she likes it!

Another Pattern!

I know I posted a picture of this weeks ago - apologies for the delay to anyone waiting on it.

The Cool Kids - boy and girl variations  buy now
This pattern is sort of a recipe.  I've written out the basic body and the instructions for all the embellishments - hats, skirts, etc.  You can then go ahead and add your own colours, spots, stripes, whatever!

It's definitely one to have fun with.


The Sleepy Princess

DH took the kids out this afternoon to give me a break, so I got some typing of patterns done.

For sale now is 'The Sleepy Princess', just 3 euro of the pattern.  The finished doll is 14" tall, and she's lovely and soft.  Perfect for taking to bed.

buy now through Ravelry.

New patterns coming soon!


Out of stuffing

Seems to be happening rather frequently at the moment, but I am out of toy stuffing again.

Will have to go on a shopping trip tomorrow!

Working on some new ideas

Sales are going well at the shop over in Dun Laoghaire. And now I have the opportunity to sell some stuff in 's bricks and mortar store in Rathmines.
So I'm trying to come up with a few quick and easy toys to fit in with their aesthetic.

And write up a few new patterns while I'm at it!

New jumper

Forgot to actually show a picture of my finished jumper!

It's knit with some bamboo/acrylic mix from Lidl and is quite heavy now it's finished. Feels nice to wear. And I love the lace. Personally I'm not too keen on sleeve that flare out at the bottom but as these only come to my elbows they don't get in the way too much. If I was doing it again I'd cut out the flare bit. I also had a bit of an issue with the crochet borders. The stitch count seemed way too small and pulled in the knitting too much, making it too tight. Do I just crocheted something that felt comfortable to wear and went from there. Worked out okay in the end.

LaLaLoopsy Dress

Poor Emily got sick at her friend's party today and had to come home early.
So while the poor thing lay on the couch watching a LaLaLoopsy movie I whipped up a little dress for her LaLaLoopsy doll.

Completely fudged this. Just started crocheting and ended up with this. I must learn to write crochet like I can with knitting so that I could share little patterns like this.

Back to Work!

Now that I've finished my jumper I'm back to working on toys.
First on the list is a small rag doll for one of Emily's friends - it's her birthday tomorrow.

Very girly, but she's quite a girly girl!

Some Me Time

I'm taking some time this week to make something for me, something nice!

I've had this magazine for 5 years and made nothing so thought I'd give a nice lace-y jumper a go. I've never knit a garment from a chart like this so it was a bit daunting at the start but I think I have the hang of it now. I've the back and front done so just the sleeves and edgings left.  Although that'll probably take another week - bloody sleeves always seem to take so long!

New Baby Present

Bunny and Tag Blanket, both from 'The Knitted Nursery'. Knit with cotton and bamboo.

It's for our next-door-neighbours, who just had their second kid, another little boy. I also made a crochet robot for the little baby's older brother, who is 2.

A Good Morning's Work

Emily announced this morning that Barbie is to get married to Ken tomorrow. Now none of our Barbies have wedding dresses so while she was at summer camp I sewed one up for her. (Not requested, just did it for the fun!)

The skirt's a bit long, but it just adds to the drama!

More Toys

Getting ready for a market this Sunday at a charity event so trying to get a bit more sewing in over the last week.
A fleece-y monster,

And some more Rag Dolls.

Hope the dreadful rain we've been getting lately eases off for the day!

Free Pattern - Mini Fairy

A little free pattern

Mini Fairy - just 3 inches tall when complete and only takes 1-2 hours to make.

download now through

New Dress

For Emily! With a matching headband.

That made her pretty happy!

Sewing lessons

I have a new apprentice!

Pretty good for 5 years of age.



Finished Flower-Girl Dolls

I'd had an order recently through Facebook for three Rag-Dolls to be carried by flowergirls at a wedding next summer, 2014 (a very organised bride!)

It was a very fun project to work on and I'm glad to say they made it to Scotland unharmed - I'm always a little apprehensive sending stuff I've spent hours working on off in the post.

The dolls were to be similar but different so I selected one colour for each from the flower-y fabric, which is the fabric for the flower-girls' dresses.

Each skirt is embroidered with the name of the flower-girl and the date of the wedding.

Just wish I'd thought of this idea for my own wedding!