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New jumper

Forgot to actually show a picture of my finished jumper!

It's knit with some bamboo/acrylic mix from Lidl and is quite heavy now it's finished. Feels nice to wear. And I love the lace. Personally I'm not too keen on sleeve that flare out at the bottom but as these only come to my elbows they don't get in the way too much. If I was doing it again I'd cut out the flare bit. I also had a bit of an issue with the crochet borders. The stitch count seemed way too small and pulled in the knitting too much, making it too tight. Do I just crocheted something that felt comfortable to wear and went from there. Worked out okay in the end.

LaLaLoopsy Dress

Poor Emily got sick at her friend's party today and had to come home early.
So while the poor thing lay on the couch watching a LaLaLoopsy movie I whipped up a little dress for her LaLaLoopsy doll.

Completely fudged this. Just started crocheting and ended up with this. I must learn to write crochet like I can with knitting so that I could share little patterns like this.

Back to Work!

Now that I've finished my jumper I'm back to working on toys.
First on the list is a small rag doll for one of Emily's friends - it's her birthday tomorrow.

Very girly, but she's quite a girly girl!

Some Me Time

I'm taking some time this week to make something for me, something nice!

I've had this magazine for 5 years and made nothing so thought I'd give a nice lace-y jumper a go. I've never knit a garment from a chart like this so it was a bit daunting at the start but I think I have the hang of it now. I've the back and front done so just the sleeves and edgings left.  Although that'll probably take another week - bloody sleeves always seem to take so long!

New Baby Present

Bunny and Tag Blanket, both from 'The Knitted Nursery'. Knit with cotton and bamboo.

It's for our next-door-neighbours, who just had their second kid, another little boy. I also made a crochet robot for the little baby's older brother, who is 2.

A Good Morning's Work

Emily announced this morning that Barbie is to get married to Ken tomorrow. Now none of our Barbies have wedding dresses so while she was at summer camp I sewed one up for her. (Not requested, just did it for the fun!)

The skirt's a bit long, but it just adds to the drama!