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Elephant Needle Case

While working on a new knitting pattern last night, I couldn't find any suitable sewing needles. All had disappeared. So today necessitated a trip to my local yarn shop to get darning needles.

And when I got home, I made the prudent decision to make a much needed needle case.

So some felt was chosen and cut into rectangles. A crude elephant shape was cut and sewn to the front. And all the pieces sewn together through the centre to make a book.

Simple and quick. Hopefully I'll use it now!

A Day at the Races

So the day finally came, and I went to the races yesterday for Jenny's Hen.

We were blessed to get good weather and it was a really fun day. Everyone was really friendly and we all had a good laugh. No-one really won any money on the betting though!

Here's me in my final ensemble:

I really should have got someone else to take the picture as its really bad (hence the reason its so small!). I got one comment on my dress but loads on the fascinator. I'll have to send Teneisha a message and let her know that she's really popular in Ireland.

Free Pattern - Mini Kapoor Plushie

I drew a little sketch of Kapoor a while ago but hadn't developed it at all. I had the idea to turn it into a little mini plushie and thought I would share it as he is very cute!

1. First, print off this picture for the embroidery template. You can print it to however big you want to make your plushie. My little guy is only about 4 inches tall.
2. Use your chosen method to transfer the design to a square of calico. I stuck the pattern to a window, and the fabric over it so the light came through and I could see the pattern through the fabric. I then drew the pattern onto the fabric with a normal hb pencil.
You could use carbon paper, or any other method you like.

3. Forgot to take a picture of this stage! Emroider the design onto the calico. I did the outlines in backstitch using blue, purple and black embroidery thread. I filled the stripes on the scarf and hat with satin stitch worked in purple embroidery thread.

4. Cut a piece of the backing fabric the same size as the calic…


My little bit of research last night came up with a pattern to make corsages as a present for the bride-to-be for Saturday.
Turns out its also a super easy and quick pattern too!

I made these two corsages this afternoon, one while Smem was napping, and one after she went to bed for the night. Each one only took about 15-20 mins to make.

Super cool! I think a lot of people will be getting these corsages as presents over the next while.

A quiet weekend

First off, a picture of another ATC that I received last week from Joanie. She was running late with some of her ATCs but it was worth the wait!

C was out Friday, Saturday and Sunday night so I had plenty of time for crafting once Smem went to bed. I got my dress finished for Saturday but no pics yet. I'll have to get a nice one once I'm all dolled up.

One of C's friends had a baby boy so a gift was requested. I wanted to sew something rather than knit as I wanted something fast to do. So I settled on the Wee Bunny from Wee Wonderfuls

It was a really easy pattern to follow. I didn't have a pom-pom so I made a suffolk puff and stuffed it and sewed it on for a tail.

I also spent a few evenings working on new ATCs for Kate's swap. I got another 13 made so that will take me up til December - so the pressures off there!

The only pressing project now is to make a little gift for the Bride-to-be for Saturday. I don't know what I'm going to make yet, which is no…

And the Winner is ...

Thanks to everyone who participated in this month's giveaway.
I punched the numbers into and the luck winner is ..

Faye (Aust).

Congratulations to Faye. A pattern will be winging its way through cyberspace to you today.

For anyone who is interested, the pattern is now for sale in my Etsy shop.

June Pattern Giveaway

Up for grabs this month is a pdf knitting pattern for 'Clown'. He's got an oversized stripey suit which gives him a really cute look. Its not for the faint-hearted though - the body of his suit is knit in four pieces (plus the sleeves) to facilitate the vertical stripes. Its not difficult though, just needs time!

To be in with a chance to win just leave a comment. But be sure to leave some way that I can contact you if you win - either through your blogger profile, blog addess, ravelry name, etc.

One winner will be chosen at random on Monday morning.

Good Luck knitters!

(P.S. thanks to everyone for the lovely comments about my dress in the previous post)

Dress from a skirt

This is the outfit I was wearing yesterday, and I wanted to share it as this lovely dress began life as a skirt (nice blurry picture!)

I got this skirt many, many years ago, while I was still in secondary school. It was nice but the underskirt would ride up when I was walking, and I don't wear long skirts too often. So it sat in my wardrobe for a few years.

Then a few years ago I decided that I would turn it into a dress. I cut a hole in each side seam near to top and zig-zag stitched around the edges to finish the armholes. I also made a little small dart in the centre back down from the neckline to catch in the back a bit.

I never wore it, as I was a bit unsure of how it looked. Then yesterday I found it in a suitcase and decided to try it on.

And it looked really nice. It's got a nice shift shape. I tied a ribbon in my hair and channelled the 60's for the day.

Summery Cards

I finished my latest knitting pattern last night. Yay! I'm really proud of this one 'cause it looks really well - if I do say so myself. Have to go on a photo session today (and the sun is out to help!), so watch out for a pattern giveaway this weekend.

During the day I've been making cards. I'm trying to build up a backlog so that I've some ready to give to Deirdre whenever she sells out, rather than having to make a load of cards in a hurry, as then they can turn out quite crappy!

It's also a handly project to do during the day. I get loads done when Smem goes for her nap. And I can even get a little bit done when she's awake if she's happy playing with other things. You can just stop and start quite easily, without making a mess.


The fascinator I bought last weekend arrived today (well it arrived yesterday, but I missed it so I had to go the post office to collect it today).

Its gorgeous. The colours are so vibrant. I think it will look well with my dress - just have to finish the dress now!

I bought it from Teneisha who has a nice little shop on Etsy with very reasonable prices. Good fun, check it out.

It works!

Turns out all Smem needed was a bit of discipline. The 'controlled crying' has worked a treat so far. The last two nights she hasn't fussed when I've put her down to sleep. And if she wakes during the night I just have to go into her once and she goes back to sleep again. Halleluja!

It did give me a chance to finish the new baby gift:

Sleepy Baby

Today was a better day with Smem. I've started doing 'controlled crying' with her when I put her down for naps or at night.

I know some people don't like controlled crying but in the end I had to revert to it. She's far to heavy now for me to rock her to sleep. So I leave my knitting on our bed and sit there for 3 minutes, then 4, then 5. The knitting helps to distract me from the 'demon baby' screaming. And generally I don't have to go in after the 5 minute session.

And it leads to great sleeps during the day. I got 64 wedding invitations made today. The inserts, with all the printed details, still have to be made. But the outside of the cards are done. Woo hoo!

Today, instead of posting pictures about my crafting, I've added a load of new blogs to my blogroll. I got to find out about so many new blogs through the SewMamaSew giveaway. I've added everything I starred up to 'h' so there's many more to add to my list!

One that I…
The wedding planning has gone into high gear this week. I visited our local florists on Thursday to get prices and now have to go to the flower market in Dublin city and see how much I'd save if I did the flowers myself.
Before you ask, I've never done flowers for anything like that before, just arranged some in a vase at home so its a scary prospect. I'd want to be saving quite a bit of money. We'll see ;)

I've also been working on the invitations. I got this cool stamp when I was in Toulouse, France visiting my sister back in 2008. It's really sweet. I'm printing it on cream card which will be framed by blue and burgandy paper on an A5 cream card. We're going to print inserts to put in the cards and probably tie them with ribbon - not confirmed yet!

I've made a bit of progress on my Ladies' Day dress. I've cut out and sewn together the skirt. Now I have to put in the zip, sew the skirt to the bodice and hem it. I didn't think I&…

A bit cooler

The weather broke today so it was a bit cooler - thank God! I like when the weather is fine but I can't take it when its too hot. And being an Irish lass, too hot for me is generally anything over around 23 degrees.

Smem is walking around like crazy, and still wearing her shoes for periods during the day. We'll have to go shopping for proper shoes soon I think.

In crafting news, I finished the quilt I was working on, but haven't typed it up yet. Still working on my socks, which I haven't taken a picture of yet. Working on a new knitting pattern for the shop - a clown this time!

I'm also making a dress for me as I'm going to a hen party this month that is a ladies' day at the races. I've never been to a ladies' day so it should be good.
I've knit the bodice, which I made with hand-died silk that I bought about a year ago on Dwanda. I'm stealing the skirt from a Simplicity pattern I have. I've the lining cut and sewn but still have to…

She wore shoes!

Today Smem actually kept shoes on her and went for a little walk down the road, holding on to her Daddy's hand. It was the cutest thing ever.

She then wore the shoes again this evening while playing in the garden. I think we may have a converted child. And it may be time to buy her some real shoes!

Back to blogging

So hard to get back to normal blogging have hosting two giveaways back to back. I got used to not having to think about what to write. It was a nice break.

I have been doing some work in the meantime. I've knit a bodice to make a dress that will have a fabric skirt and have started knitting my very first pair of socks (have done the toe and heel on one so not going too bad!).

I also made another hairband, which is better formed than the first one. This will go into my Etsy shop once I get my act together and actually list it!

I also finished another knitting pattern. This is Kelly. He's Kapoor's younger brother and has a cool little umbrella. However the weather has been so great here (its exam time!) so I haven't been able to get the right picture of him.

And the winner is ....

The SewMamaSew giveaway is now closed (a bit late 'cause we were at the beach this morning :) )
The winners are:
89 - Rebecca
106 - Choquelicot
I'll contact both you guys today to get addresses.

Thanks to everyone who participated and for all the wonderful comments. It was great fun taking part in the giveaway and I got to discover many many new blogs which I intend to follow (including Rebecca's).

If you didn't win but would like your own kitty, I used the patten for the Chibi Bunny and Kitty. I used the pattern for the body of the kitty and made it all in one colour, then sewed on an oval of felf and embroidered on a face.

Super cute and super quick!