Sleepy Baby

Today was a better day with Smem. I've started doing 'controlled crying' with her when I put her down for naps or at night.

I know some people don't like controlled crying but in the end I had to revert to it. She's far to heavy now for me to rock her to sleep. So I leave my knitting on our bed and sit there for 3 minutes, then 4, then 5. The knitting helps to distract me from the 'demon baby' screaming. And generally I don't have to go in after the 5 minute session.

And it leads to great sleeps during the day. I got 64 wedding invitations made today. The inserts, with all the printed details, still have to be made. But the outside of the cards are done. Woo hoo!

Today, instead of posting pictures about my crafting, I've added a load of new blogs to my blogroll. I got to find out about so many new blogs through the SewMamaSew giveaway. I've added everything I starred up to 'h' so there's many more to add to my list!

One that I have to mention is CraftHope. Its a charity that sends doll to orphanages. I will have to look into this one more closely as I'd love to take part. Helping others is always rewarding.


Rebecca said…
I received my little kitty today in the mail! The customs people had opened the package, but everything was in tact, and I think he's an adorable little toy!

Thank you so much! And goodluck with the bub training... I have no self control when my cat whines for me, can't imagine what I'd do with a baby!


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