Free Pattern - Mini Kapoor Plushie

I drew a little sketch of Kapoor a while ago but hadn't developed it at all. I had the idea to turn it into a little mini plushie and thought I would share it as he is very cute!

1. First, print off this picture for the embroidery template. You can print it to however big you want to make your plushie. My little guy is only about 4 inches tall.
2. Use your chosen method to transfer the design to a square of calico. I stuck the pattern to a window, and the fabric over it so the light came through and I could see the pattern through the fabric. I then drew the pattern onto the fabric with a normal hb pencil.
You could use carbon paper, or any other method you like.

3. Forgot to take a picture of this stage! Emroider the design onto the calico. I did the outlines in backstitch using blue, purple and black embroidery thread. I filled the stripes on the scarf and hat with satin stitch worked in purple embroidery thread.

4. Cut a piece of the backing fabric the same size as the calico. Place right sides together with the embroidered calico. Stitch all around the embroidery, as in the picture below, about 1/4 inch around the pattern. Make sure to leave a gap to turn the right-side out.

5. Trim the seams and clip the corners.

6. Turn right-side out and push out all the seams.

7. Stuff, starting with the hat, arms and legs, and then stuff the rest of the body. Join the remaining seam edge. Work a line of stitches between the legs to define the shape.

8. Viola! You have a super cute little plushie (If I do say so myself ;)

I think this one might go to my sis for her birthday. It just seams made for her.


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