The wedding planning has gone into high gear this week. I visited our local florists on Thursday to get prices and now have to go to the flower market in Dublin city and see how much I'd save if I did the flowers myself.
Before you ask, I've never done flowers for anything like that before, just arranged some in a vase at home so its a scary prospect. I'd want to be saving quite a bit of money. We'll see ;)

I've also been working on the invitations. I got this cool stamp when I was in Toulouse, France visiting my sister back in 2008. It's really sweet. I'm printing it on cream card which will be framed by blue and burgandy paper on an A5 cream card. We're going to print inserts to put in the cards and probably tie them with ribbon - not confirmed yet!

I've made a bit of progress on my Ladies' Day dress. I've cut out and sewn together the skirt. Now I have to put in the zip, sew the skirt to the bodice and hem it. I didn't think I'd much left to do, but it seems rather a lot when I put it in words :( I took a bold move and bought a fascinator on Etsy to go with the dress. Hopefully I'll get it in time. I only bought it Friday night and its coming from USA. Fingers crossed!

Thanks to Sandra for her lovely comments on the dress on the previous post. Check out her blog, its very interesting and she had some lovely things to say about the SMS worldwide giveaway.

I also ordered our wedding cake today from a place called Amazing Cakes in Bray. Its a really simple style, but quite elegant. Three tiers in cream icing with cream ribbon at the base of each tier and cream dots above the ribbon.

All projects will have to take a break for a day or two though. One of the women in the choir had a baby about 3 weeks ago and she's to be at mass this Saturday so I've to knit a little pressie very quickly!


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