Elephant Needle Case

While working on a new knitting pattern last night, I couldn't find any suitable sewing needles. All had disappeared. So today necessitated a trip to my local yarn shop to get darning needles.

And when I got home, I made the prudent decision to make a much needed needle case.

So some felt was chosen and cut into rectangles. A crude elephant shape was cut and sewn to the front. And all the pieces sewn together through the centre to make a book.

Simple and quick. Hopefully I'll use it now!


Kimara@weefolkart said...

Adorable! Your elephant is so cute! I went through the same thing where I could never find a needle... and I knew I had plenty! I had to do something but I was being ultra lazy! I just cut a piece of shocking pink felt into a heart shape so it would really stand out on my often messy crafting table and wove the needles through that! I like yours much better. You've encouraged me to put a little more effort into it... but I'll still keep it shocking pink :)

sjanova said...

Great idea. It probably would save a lot of extra trips to the store -- or digging into the sofa cushions or under the chairs. I don't think you should call that elephant shape "crude" -- it's really perfect!

Hand Knitted Things said...

I agree this is lovely! Very inspiring, I must make the effort and make my own felt needle case, rather than keep using folded scraps of old card and paper, not very pretty and always getting lost!