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Out of yarn



I'm knitting a top-down jumper for Oliver (Tama by Kelly Brooker).
Running kinda' low on wool now for the last sleeve.

Just hope I have enough left!

Crochet Amigurumi

I don't tend to crochet much, but I took a notion to make a toy so I'm mid-make now.I find I have to concentrate so much and I'm always counting! The hardest part with this toy is trying to crochet parts when some of it has already been stuffed. As you know, I tend to knit toys flat, then seam them up. It's a learning curve.

Monday is back to school for my kids and with Oliver starting playschool it's going to free up a few hours for me in the mornings. 
So hopefully this poor little blog will start getting a bit more love and attention :)