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Happy Halloween!

From a not-so-happy little pumpkin

(No homemade costume this year as I was a bit distracted by the wedding. Cannot let that happen again next year.)

Back in blogland!

Back in blogland after an amazing week. The wedding last Friday was brilliant. Everyone had a ball and we achieved a relaxed party atmosphere which was exactly what we were after.

A few photos:

Smem with my sister, walking up the aisle,

Myself and the now DH signing the register,

Me dancing later on.

Great fun.

I have to get photos of the flowers to show as I was really proud of them. Especially considering that I started putting them together at 10.30 the night before, after having a glass of wine!

Stockholm was great too. Photos to follow....

Monkey Present

I found the pattern for this monkey on Ravelry (as always!) and decided it would be a cool gift for C (soon to be DH) as its cute and funny.

I started it ages ago but finally finished it this morning, so it will make a nice wedding gift!

Lots of lovely flowers

And lots of tender fingers after de-thorning all those roses!

Super Fast Knit

I started this beret last night after Smem went to bed and spent about 4 hours knitting. Then, I got up with her at 5 (yes that does say 5!) and got it finished with another hour of knitting. How cool is that!

I got the pattern on Ravelry, but here's a link to the pdf. Its called the Baroness Beret and is a very easy pattern to follow. The pattern says to use a worsted weight wool. I think the yarn I used is a bit thinner than that - Patons Misty, but it worked out well.

Free Pattern - Doll's Party Dress

Blogger is not uploading photos for me today ;(

As my bad blogging has continued, I've decided to post another free pattern. This one is the party dress that I made for Dressing-Up Doll a while ago. Just follow the link to see what it looked like :)

Below is a link to Ravelry that should (hopefully) let you download a pdf of the pattern, even if you are not a Ravelry member.

download now

Any questions please let me know. I'm always happy to help!

Free Pattern - Ribbed Cowl

I feel like the worst blogger at the moment. I've just been so bad at keeping it up to date. Obsessed with flowers, mass booklets, seating plans! Stupid weddings are so time consuming. And we lost a few invitees today. It'll help the seating plan a bit, but it still sucks!

So, onto the free pattern.

This is for an adult-sized cowl. I knit it to go with the Hearth and Home mittens I'd knit for my brother for christmas. I figured a buttoned cowl would be better on a bike than a scarf.

Bascially I cast on 180 sts, using a sock-weight yarn and 3.5mm needles.
*I knit in K2,P2 rib for about 1.5 inches.
On the next row, 6 sts from the end, cast off 4 sts and knit final two sts.
On next row, k2, cast on and knit 4 sts, continue in rib for the rest of the row.*
I repeated * to * once, then did another 1.5 inches of rib.
Cast off.
Sew in ends and sew on two buttons.

Super quick and simple.

Head Wrecked!

My head has been absolutely melted this week. I got confirmed to sell patterns on ePatternsCentral so that involved lots of paperwork. I'm still working on my submission for PetitePurls. Waiting for some nice weather so that I can take photos and then I can send that off.
It will be nice when I have both those ticked off my to-do list.

In the wedding headache section, the flowers I thought were sorted. There is someone else getting married in the church the day after me and we agreed to share the flowers and thereby cut the cost. She seemed keen to get someone she knew to do the flowers so I though it was sorted. Until I got a text late last night!

So today I was looking at silk flowers that are available for rent (and were horrible) and pricing flowers online. Now I'm going to do the flowers myself. I needed a decision to be made as I have too much going on in my head at the moment.

It will hopefully work out okay!

So to finish on happy notes:

Here is Smem out in the rain w…

Flowergirl Bouquet

Made using the pattern for the bouquet of flowers for Mr. Wonderful of the Celebration Clowns, by Jean Greenhowe. Adapted slightly to make it larger.

Mouse Update

Sunday morning I got up to discover no cheese in the mousetrap, but also no mouse. He's obviously very smart!
This morning however, there is a dead little mouse. Its kinda sad. He's so small.
Not sure what to do with him now!

There's a Mouse in the House

C is away on his stag this weekend, so I was sitting on my own last night watching telly around 11pm when I notice a mouse jump down off the fire mantlepiece and hide down behind the tv unit. And the stupid cat was asleep in the kitchen all the time!
I was a bit freaked out but figured it was stuck downstairs so I'd go to bed and worry about it the next day.
So I got ready for bed and settled in under the covers. I heard a little bit of noise, which I thought was just the lead of my mobile phone recharger settling. Then I heard more of a rustle noise, like through paper. I jingerly got out of the bed and switched on the light - just in time to see a little mouse run under the bed. Queue the freak out!
Only a little one though as I quickly realised I was basically home alone and would have to deal with the mouse myself. Cut to me crawling around on the bedroom floor with a torch and a little box, to maybe catch a mouse?
I'd say I looked a fright! No sign of the mouse after …

Making a start for Christmas!

First of all, I'd like to say thank you to everyone for the lovely message regarding PetitePurls. On re-reading the submission info, I did notice that it says that they can change their mind at any stage and not include your pattern. So hopefully I was tooting my horn a bit early!

Its a very exciting prospect. I think I may make more designs to submit to magazines. I really like CraftsBeautiful and of course Knitty always has great patterns.

I have also been approached by ePatternsCentral about selling patterns on their website. Not sure how that will pan out. I will have to 'Americanise' all my patterns for that one!

In wedding news, we went to the hotel last night for a food tasting and to go over final plans. Its so exciting. They are all really really really nice in the hotel so it bodes well for the day. And we've been keeping a keen eye on our costs so its not going to cost an arm and a leg, but we won't be skimping too much either.

3 weeks today!

In kni…