Free Pattern - Ribbed Cowl

I feel like the worst blogger at the moment. I've just been so bad at keeping it up to date. Obsessed with flowers, mass booklets, seating plans! Stupid weddings are so time consuming. And we lost a few invitees today. It'll help the seating plan a bit, but it still sucks!

So, onto the free pattern.

This is for an adult-sized cowl. I knit it to go with the Hearth and Home mittens I'd knit for my brother for christmas. I figured a buttoned cowl would be better on a bike than a scarf.

Bascially I cast on 180 sts, using a sock-weight yarn and 3.5mm needles.
*I knit in K2,P2 rib for about 1.5 inches.
On the next row, 6 sts from the end, cast off 4 sts and knit final two sts.
On next row, k2, cast on and knit 4 sts, continue in rib for the rest of the row.*
I repeated * to * once, then did another 1.5 inches of rib.
Cast off.
Sew in ends and sew on two buttons.

Super quick and simple.


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