Head Wrecked!

My head has been absolutely melted this week. I got confirmed to sell patterns on ePatternsCentral so that involved lots of paperwork. I'm still working on my submission for PetitePurls. Waiting for some nice weather so that I can take photos and then I can send that off.
It will be nice when I have both those ticked off my to-do list.

In the wedding headache section, the flowers I thought were sorted. There is someone else getting married in the church the day after me and we agreed to share the flowers and thereby cut the cost. She seemed keen to get someone she knew to do the flowers so I though it was sorted. Until I got a text late last night!

So today I was looking at silk flowers that are available for rent (and were horrible) and pricing flowers online. Now I'm going to do the flowers myself. I needed a decision to be made as I have too much going on in my head at the moment.

It will hopefully work out okay!

So to finish on happy notes:

Here is Smem out in the rain wearing her wellies and raincoat. These wellies were in the boys section in the shop but were the only ones she has ever let me put on her feet!

And a picture of Smem looking at the horse at Farmleigh, in the Phoenix Park in Dublin.


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