Making a start for Christmas!

First of all, I'd like to say thank you to everyone for the lovely message regarding PetitePurls. On re-reading the submission info, I did notice that it says that they can change their mind at any stage and not include your pattern. So hopefully I was tooting my horn a bit early!

Its a very exciting prospect. I think I may make more designs to submit to magazines. I really like CraftsBeautiful and of course Knitty always has great patterns.

I have also been approached by ePatternsCentral about selling patterns on their website. Not sure how that will pan out. I will have to 'Americanise' all my patterns for that one!

In wedding news, we went to the hotel last night for a food tasting and to go over final plans. Its so exciting. They are all really really really nice in the hotel so it bodes well for the day. And we've been keeping a keen eye on our costs so its not going to cost an arm and a leg, but we won't be skimping too much either.

3 weeks today!

In knitting, and what the post heading is about, I've started on the Christmas presents. I had gotten a book in the library called 'Knits to Share and Care' which has a really good selection of patterns for kids, teenagers, women and men. These gloves are called 'Hearth and Home' and were supposed to be knit with 2 colours in a pattern that resembles brickwork. They're quite nice in stripey sock yarn though.

I think they'll make a nice gift for my brother for when he is cycling. I'm now trying to make up some sort of short buttoned scarf/cowl thing in the same yarn. A manly scarf I suppose.


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