There's a Mouse in the House

C is away on his stag this weekend, so I was sitting on my own last night watching telly around 11pm when I notice a mouse jump down off the fire mantlepiece and hide down behind the tv unit. And the stupid cat was asleep in the kitchen all the time!
I was a bit freaked out but figured it was stuck downstairs so I'd go to bed and worry about it the next day.
So I got ready for bed and settled in under the covers. I heard a little bit of noise, which I thought was just the lead of my mobile phone recharger settling. Then I heard more of a rustle noise, like through paper. I jingerly got out of the bed and switched on the light - just in time to see a little mouse run under the bed. Queue the freak out!
Only a little one though as I quickly realised I was basically home alone and would have to deal with the mouse myself. Cut to me crawling around on the bedroom floor with a torch and a little box, to maybe catch a mouse?
I'd say I looked a fright! No sign of the mouse after that so I went back to bed and rationally told myself to go to sleep as this mouse was not going to eat me. And had a great night's sleep after that!
No sign of the mouse all day today. The cat was sniffing around the kitchen around 7pm so I think he was back, but I didn't see him. I've a few mousetraps left for him anyway.

I'm presuming that is was the same mouse both times and that there is only one mouse!


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