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Little Kishs

Made before the sick week took over!

From my 'Kish' pattern

Music Note Cupcakes

Been a bit of a sick week in our house this week.Tummy bug all round.

Today, however, needed some baking.  The parish is having an expo tomorrow to highlight the different groups in the church - I sing with the folk choir.  So I volunteered to make some buns for our table to tempt people over.

Of course, I left it a little late to source materials so I didn't have any black food colouring for my music notes, made from marzipan.
Simple 'fairy' cakes with just glace icing, and the music notes popped on top.

Not exactly shop quality but hopefully they'll do - I pictured them better in my head!

Building up stock

9-12 month size dresses for little girls

A Princess Dress for a Little Princess!

Was in a bit of a creative funk the other night - you know when you've finished a project and aren't sure what you're going to do next?
So I decided to make a princess dress for Emily and her friends' to use when dressing up.  It had occurred to me recently that something made for dress-up doesn't really need perfectly finished seams inside.

So a furious night of sewing ensued....

Quite happy with it.

Ballerina Goodies

Haven't blogged in a while - oops!  I have been crafting the whole time,. just keep forgetting to take pictures.  Or I remember when the kids are gone to bed, and then its too dark to get good photos.

Last weekend I was away with DH - the folks looked after the kids.  DH was down in Cork for work so I got the train down on the Friday afternoon.  Three hours of uninterrupted knitting - oh yes!

So over the weekend, and finished on the Monday night was the ballet wrap cardigan.

Then I quickly made some little legwarmers.

Now my little ballerina just needs a leotard - ha ha!!

A Vest and a Horse


Baby Brights!


First day at school


A Fairy and her Fairy Doll

I made makeshift wings for Emily's doll, on request.  And they both got the same hairdos - this is apparently a Tinkerbell hairdo.

Must make a little pattern for the wings.  They're removable and so can be used on most of her toys.