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Busy, busy, busy.

Quite busy at the moment, and finding it hard to keep up-dating the blog and Facebook. It's hard going this business lark!
I've been working on a new doll design with Emily. Basically I said I was making a doll, and she requested a lot of additions and requirements!
I've also been talking to about collaborating with them on some toys.
And I got an order through Etsy last night for my custom Wedding Cake Toppers for a wedding in Brooklyn on 13th June. That means some fast knitting is needed and fingers crossed courier post can get it there on time!

Toddler Tom

Just finished knitting this request for a friend.
Quite a cheeky chappie I think!

Rainbow Cardigan

Complete with coloured buttons, as requested!

Nerdy Knitter!

From a friend and client on Twitter:
A teddy bear called Stephen arrived in our house this week made by @ainemarriott, a fantastically skilled nerdy knitter. thanks Miss Aine ;)
— Si and Lu (@SiandLu) May 10, 2013
Apparently I'm a nerdy knitter.  Not sure if that's good or bad :)

May Bank Holiday Weekend

We headed into one of the parks in Dublin city.
The kids were like dogs let off the leash - they just ran and ran!


Seems some of the posts last week that I did via the phone did not show up.

Here's a pic of one of my WIPs