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Glendeer Pet Farm

Myself and the kids recently enjoyed a lovely afternoon at Glendeer Pet Farm in Athlone, (courtesy of our Tesco clubcard vouchers!)

 They give everyone a bag of food to feed the animals - Oliver couldn't quite figure it out right.
 An old farmhouse done up to look like a traditional Irish cottage.
 Petting the goats.
 Baby chicks.
 Oliver in front of the monkey enclosure - yes, monkeys!
 Donkeys and llamas in the playground.

Lots of fun as you can feed the animals and touch them all - not like at the zoo!  There were lots of covered areas so it would even be a good place to go when raining.

We will definitely be back!

Moderne Baby Blanket

A better picture of the blanket - love love love these colours!

Bunny and Blanket


An Army of Gremlins!

Getting some of these ready for handmAid, which will be held on 22nd Sept this year, in Dublin.

Last years event was for Oxfam, this year its for the DSPCA (Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

I donated a few toys last year so they asked if I would again - hence all the gremlins.

I think I'll be making some more gremlins though as presents for other people - they're pretty cool.
They remind me of the Rebecca Danger patterns.

Two Gremlins!

These guys are quite addictive!


From 'Plush-o-Rama'.


Pattern by Gitwerg.

Probably the hardest thing I've ever knit - but looks real good once done!

Fresh off the sewing machine


'because her Mammy knit it for her'

Emily did some lovely colouring the other day, and I remarked at how beautiful and colourful the blanket was.

She did us proud!

A great day for Irish women - Congrats to Katie!

(photo taken from the RTE website)