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Finished, and just in time. Not bad going considering I only started Monday afternoon, spent half of yesterday shopping and spent a few hours finishing Smem's dress.

After all the Christmas knitting on 4mm and 5mm needles, it was nice to get back to my small 2.75mm needles and my tiny perfect stitches.

Christmas Snowballs

Feel like I've been knitting these guys for weeks, but its just 'cause I've been busy and not had a chance to knit a lot. They're going to some pseudo-extended family members as late Christmas presents.
They're from the Jean Greenhowe pattern and are super quick and easy to knit - 2 strands of yarn held throughout so they knit up very fast.

Crazy busy this week now as it turns out I'm supposed to be knitting the cake toppers for my brother's wedding - which is this Thursday!

All fun and games here!
Merry Christmas!

Afternoon Crafting

Too snowy to venture out today, once we got home from the hospital. It was a great time to work on Smem's dress for my brother's wedding. Its very simple so maybe I'll do some sort of embellishment on it - will have to see how much time I have.
Lets hope the weather is better next week so I can get out and get her some nice shoes and a cardie!
Also a little pic of tea pot and cozy I made for Mam and Dad. A Jean Greenhowe pattern, of course.

Its a Boy

Its all good, and its a boy.

Need to start making some blue things now!
(weather is still shocking here. nearly cancelled the appointment as it was snowing so bad here this morning.)

More Snow!

Well, the snow went for nearly a week, but now it is back in full force. I left work at lunch-time yesterday to get home as it had been snowing all morning and didn't even go in today.

We managed to get the car out to drive around the corner to Tesco to stock up on a few essential supplies. Not sure what tomorrow will bring. There's no sign of a thaw and I have to try get into Dublin city centre for my scan in the morning.

An Afternoon of Crafting

I spent a lovely afternoon crafty with little Smem today. I started on the Christmas cards, as its nearly half-way through December and I don't have any made - oops!

Smem did some serious gluing. These will hopefully be cards for the grandparents.
And after her gluing she asked to do painting as well.

And all the time we were listening to Christmas FM!

My Market Stall

My stall at the market yesterday. Thank God is was pretty successful - I covered the cost of the stall and got a bit more too. Takeaway for dinner last night!!

Another Snowy Smile!

I'm loving the RTE website and their weather disruption updates. Today their 7.15am post is a wishlist for Santa.

Glenroyal Christmas Craft Fair

I'll have a stall at the Glenroyal Christmas Craft Fair today.

Fingers crossed the weather doesn't put people off getting out and about.

Smem's photos

Smem got hold of my camera today and took a few snaps. Most weren't really of anything, or of her fingers, but she got some pretty good photos out.

Its Christmas

Today myself and Smem put up the Christmas tree. Kinda' early but its the first year that Smem really gets Christmas. (Plus my sister saw the Kellog's Christmas ad on telly last night which is our family's sign that its officially Christmas - it was kinda' early for Kellog's this year too I think).
We also posted her letter to Santa today. Woo hoo!