Christmas Snowballs

Feel like I've been knitting these guys for weeks, but its just 'cause I've been busy and not had a chance to knit a lot. They're going to some pseudo-extended family members as late Christmas presents.
They're from the Jean Greenhowe pattern and are super quick and easy to knit - 2 strands of yarn held throughout so they knit up very fast.

Crazy busy this week now as it turns out I'm supposed to be knitting the cake toppers for my brother's wedding - which is this Thursday!

All fun and games here!


Ariel said…
They're ADORABLE!!!
Lunar Vixen said…
My aunt made these for my sister and I .. and my cousins.. oh.. 15 or more years ago.. and she meant to give me the pattern.. but never got around to it.. I've been searching and searching for it.. all this time.. because I wanted to create snowball armies for my sister and I.. and now we have kids, I would love to make snowball armies for them.. Indoor Snowball Fights on days that are too cold.. WHERE can I get this pattern? I want it sooo bad!! this is the first time I've been able to find any example of my little snow-buddy on the internet! I'm sure this is him!
miss aine said…
Hi Lunar,
Its a Jean Greenhowe pattern from her 'Toys Collection' book.
Here's the link to the info on Ravelry -

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