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Personalised Rag Doll

A friend requested a small rag doll for a baby present. It has the baby's name embroidered on a bib to make it extra personal.

Da Da Dah!


The new pattern is finally typed up, double-checked, and up for sale.  Phew!

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Meet Sandrine

For sale through the Ravelry link above for 3euro.  Also for sale through my Etsy shop, but not as an instant download as the file is too large due to the photos.

New Pattern Coming Real Soon

I just have to refine the pattern on the computer and then I'll have the pattern I promised before Christmas up for sale.
Only 2-3 months late!!

Little Cotton Rabbits Bunny

Finally got some time to knit my Little Cotton Rabbits pattern. It's smaller than I envisaged but that did mean that I managed to get him knit in a day.

It's for my new nephew who was born just before Christmas and has got no gift yet - oops! They're calling over this morning so I've no time to make the clothes but he still looks cute without them.