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Stripey Elephant

Its party season around our way. We have a party to go to next Saturday for a little guy who was born six days after Emily.

I wanted to take a little break from knitting so I decided to sew a present for him. And out came 'Toys to Sew' by Claire Garland. I got it last year at the Knitting and Stitching show but actually hadn't made anything from it yet.
I picked the elephant to do and chose some nice stripey fabric that I actually got at the same show.

I'm really pleased with how he turned out. I changed some things - I gave him a plaited tail rather than a sewn one, and sewed circles of contrast fabric to the base of his feet rather than circles of felt.

It was a pretty easy and quick toy to make. Sewing the body was a little tricky and it took me a little bit to understand how I was supposed to do it but once I got into it it was fine.


The last few days have been a bit of a blur.

Smem didn't sleep so well on Thursday night so I was a bit of a zombie on Friday. But I had loads of baking to do for the party so I was kept going and only started to crash in the afternoon.

Friday night I stuck up the decorations for the party - lots and lots of flowers. Everyone thought they were really nice, and C kinda wants to keep them up as they're so cheery!

Friday night Smem did not sleep well again so I was a fully fledged zombie on Saturday. But there was more baking to be done as I had bread to make for the dinner part of the afternoon.

Most people came around 2 and left around 5 so it wasn't a very long party but it was good fun. I was a bit too tired and harassed trying to look after everyone to enjoy it properly but it seemed to go well.

And all the other kids who came were very happy with their kitties when leaving!

Smem got some lovely presents, and not too many. Lots of books as she loves looking at books (I wa…

Lots and Lots of Baking

Today didn't start to great as somebody didn't really feel the need to sleep last night.

However, there was much baking to be done in preparation for the party tomorrow so I got straight down to it once we were dressed.

First up was the birthday cake - a chocolate victoria sandwich (pictured left). I still need to ice it, which I had intended doing tonight but I'm feeling rather tired so I'll have to see.

Then I made blueberry cookies, which I forgot to take a picture of, and little fairy cakes (pictured right).
Last up was a no-bake biscuit cake which is in the fridge setting at the moment. Hopefully it will turn out okay.

I'm just surprised my oven didn't break - it's never seen this much action!

A Box of Kitties


Birthday Preparations

The birthday preparations are in full swing for Saturday. I've already started cleaning the house and mowed the lawn this morning!

Yesterday I made a little present for Smem. I had bought her a book about a little dog called Woof and his tea-time with his friends. He reminded me of a little dog called Scamp in Jean Greenhowe's McScarecrow Clan book. I just added a few brown patches to fit him in with the dog in the book.

This evening I started to make little gifts for any kids who come to the party. My Little Mochi has a cute pattern for a chibi bunny and kitty. I used that pattern but changed it slightly.

I love it!
And today during the day I started making paper flowers to decorate the house.

Again, I love them! I can't wait to put them up.

March Winners!

*** Update *** This giveaway is now closed ***

Well, only 4 people entered the giveaway so I've decided that each of you can have a free pattern.

So the winners are:

Momma Lynne

I don't have any of your emails so please email me ( or pm me through Ravelry (missaine) and I'll send you your pattern.

Thank you to everyone who took part!

March Giveaway - Easter Bunnies

** Update *** This giveaway is now closed ***

My March Giveaway is up and running.

This month on offer is a pdf knitting pattern for Bob and Babs, the Easter Bunnies.

These cute little guys just love hunting for easter eggs!

Leave a comment to be in with a chance to win. Three winners will be chosen randomly on Monday morning.

Good Luck!

Lovely Lovely Post

I got lovely post today - the return package for the toy swap I took part in on Ravelry from Heather.

I got a pattern book for Jean Greenhowe's Knitted Clowns -so cool! I knit Bertie Bloomer when I was in primary school but my knitting was so loose he was massive. I still have him at home in Wexford. Now I will get the chance to try him out again!

In the package were also, some double pointed needles, a pack of random scraps of paper, some stickers, some lace weight yarn, a cool felted mini bag and some soap.

From what I gather the soap is made from milk from her own goat - how cool is that!

This bag is so cute. Its got buttons on both sides. Its quite small but I may be able to use it when going out as my purse is very small now - no money!

Heather knitted me Elephante. It was one of the first patterns I saw on Ravelry and I thought it was so cute. I'll have to try it out myself now.

WIP - Easter Bunny

Yesterday was a very productive day, although it was tough. I hoovered the whole house in the morning and then had a shower. For the next four hours Smem was in a mood as she was very very tired but absolutely refused to sleep.

Fun and games in our house! When she finally got a sleep she slept for two hours so I got a rest. And got more work done on my Easter bunnies.

Here is the basic bunny so far:

I'm thinking of doing two - Bob and Babs.

I also did some baking yesterday. I used a packet where you just have to add water. I've tried making white bread before with yeast but it just refused to rise. This time however, it worked so I was really pleased.

And they taste really nice too!

Who doesn't love pasta!


Teddie Topper

I had a very productive day yesterday. Myself and Smem did grocery shopping in the morning. Then after lunch we went out and bought a new lawnmower as our old one croaked it at the end of last summer. And we got the grass cut when we got home.

C was having a rest day, playing computer games which he continued doing after Smem went to bed. So I got to do lots of sewing yesterday evening and I got the topper for his quilt complete.

The wadding is quite think so I think I may quilt this by hand. I'm just going to shadow outline the teddies and quilt their eyes and mouths also. In the wide border I'm going to quilt outlines of the bears and then there is another piece of the navy/black fabric to bind it.

Another Thing Crossed off the List

I had a great day yesterday. C took Smem to his parents and his friends so I headed into town for some window shopping. I actually haven't been into town on my own since Smem was born so it was a nice treat.

And it gets better - I found my wedding dress! I can't post a picture in case C takes a look at the blog, which is a pity. Its a 1950s vintage dress, ankle lentgh with small sleeves.

Its perfect cause its different but not in a crazy way.

Teddy Bears

C was out yesterday day and evening watching the rugby so after Smem went to bed I got to start on the quilt for covering his window (after I'd put on two loads of washing, done the washing up and mopped the floor!)

I'm just sewing the teddies on by machine and haven't turned in the edges so they are quite rough. I'm going to put a wide border around it and will just quilt outlines of the teddy bear shapes there, I think.

Its pretty fun so far!

Shop Opening!

Myself and Smem went into Fairview for the opening of Quack and Dirk yesterday evening. (C couldn't make it as he had a work thing on)

It was really cool. There were tea-lights in paper bags all down the entrance of the lane and with the dusk starting to come on the lights from the shop shone out so brightly. There were loads of people around and a good buzz that was encouraging people to come down and see what was going on.

I bought a lovely dress, which I'm wearing today and will wear out tonight (Yes, I am getting to go out and leave the house tonight!)

This is a dress that Deids sourced in London on a recent purchasing expedition - she's been doing so well business-wise that she hasn't been able to keep up making clothes and bags for the shop full-time. Which is very good news.

Check out the shop on the main thoroughfare in Fairview - its down a little lane, but there's an old shop bike with a sign at the top of the lane and a sandwich board to let people know w…

Fabric Flowers

I feel so behind in my crafting at the moment. I don't know what exactly I'm doing but I just never to seem have any time at the moment. I suppose the fact that Smem is moving around a lot and is suffering badly with her teeth doesn't give me much time to do anything during the day!

C took Smem out for a few hours on Sunday which gave me a chance to make some fabric flowers. I thought they would be a nice gift for Deid's shop. I made quite a few so I think I will use the remaining for my mother's day gift to my mam.

That's two things crossed off my list.

Now I've started on a birthday present for my brother (April) and have been trying to think what I will make for my next pattern giveaway at the end of this month - maybe an Easter bunny?

C is looking for a quilt to cover the window in his office for when he is recording music so that is another job for me.

And I have a load for emails from Sherri to help out with proof-reading for Irish Quilting which I jus…


I've been working away since Tuesday on a new pattern.

Et violá, Ballerina!She's available for sale in my Etsy shop.

A Busy Busy Bee

Well I have had a hectic week. Taking Smem to the eye doctor in Maynooth last Thursday (on the bus, for fun), then choir that night so I didn't get my dinner til nealy 10 o'clock. Then travelled to Wexford on Friday morning to my folks. Took Smem swimming that afternoon with my Dad - she didn't like it, AT ALL!! Then Saturday morning was spend looking at wedding dresses with my Mam, Smem and my best friend. Saturday night I was out with two friends in Wexford and got pretty drunk (woo hoo!). Sunday we all went to Rosslare for a walk and lunch out - which, again, Smem did not like (which was very odd as normally she loves being out and about). Then Monday, drive back home and go to HSE Childare course that night. Yesterday I was doing washing and cleaning the house and had knitting last night and today had to do food shopping for the house.

As a result I am now suffering terribly with a cold, that started as a sore throat last weekend. This is my first night in at ho…

I Dream Of Ireland

Myself and Smem were in Wexford for the weekend but I will blog about that when I have time.

For now, my Irish Dancer doll was featured in a treasury on Etsy - I Dream of Ireland.