The last few days have been a bit of a blur.

Smem didn't sleep so well on Thursday night so I was a bit of a zombie on Friday. But I had loads of baking to do for the party so I was kept going and only started to crash in the afternoon.

Friday night I stuck up the decorations for the party - lots and lots of flowers. Everyone thought they were really nice, and C kinda wants to keep them up as they're so cheery!

Friday night Smem did not sleep well again so I was a fully fledged zombie on Saturday. But there was more baking to be done as I had bread to make for the dinner part of the afternoon.

Most people came around 2 and left around 5 so it wasn't a very long party but it was good fun. I was a bit too tired and harassed trying to look after everyone to enjoy it properly but it seemed to go well.

And all the other kids who came were very happy with their kitties when leaving!

Smem got some lovely presents, and not too many. Lots of books as she loves looking at books (I was going to write 'she loves reading books' but she can't quite do that yet!). My Mam got her a musical guitar that plays songs in english and french - its one of the coolest kiddie toys I've ever seen!

My brother gave her a cool trike with a trailer. Its so cute. She can't get going on it yet but I'd say it won't be long.
And this is me collapsed on the couch this afternoon!


Leeanne said…
Happy Birthday to your little girl, I know how you feel when you say parties and kids are exhausting.
Your little cupcakes look soo yummy too...

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