A Busy Busy Bee

Well I have had a hectic week. Taking Smem to the eye doctor in Maynooth last Thursday (on the bus, for fun), then choir that night so I didn't get my dinner til nealy 10 o'clock. Then travelled to Wexford on Friday morning to my folks. Took Smem swimming that afternoon with my Dad - she didn't like it, AT ALL!! Then Saturday morning was spend looking at wedding dresses with my Mam, Smem and my best friend. Saturday night I was out with two friends in Wexford and got pretty drunk (woo hoo!). Sunday we all went to Rosslare for a walk and lunch out - which, again, Smem did not like (which was very odd as normally she loves being out and about). Then Monday, drive back home and go to HSE Childare course that night. Yesterday I was doing washing and cleaning the house and had knitting last night and today had to do food shopping for the house.

As a result I am now suffering terribly with a cold, that started as a sore throat last weekend. This is my first night in at home in a week and it is well deserved. I have been doing some well needed catching up of the various blogs that I read (as well as paying bills online - boo!)

Down in Rosslare we passed a playground and decided to bring Smem in. She wasn't in the mood and had a face on her most of the time. She did however get her first feel, and first taste, of sand.

She seemed to like it!
My dolls have been going great guns - not on Etsy though. One of the ladies in the knitting group had bought one for her grandchild and had asked for another. I had made a red one but wasn't 100% happy with it so I also made a purple one, as well as a light green one which I put for sale in the shop.

Anyhoo!, she bought the red one (after all that!) and one of the other ladies bought the light green one so now I just have the purple one in my shop. I hadn't expected to sell any here, I had thought that people abroad would be more interested.

But you never know!


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