Lots of Christmas Wreaths

My mother was describing the last wreath I made to a friend, and that friend said she'd like 3 for presents for people for Christmas.

Here they are without any embellishments.

And with all the bells and whistles!

I love the style of these. Traditional but not fuddy-duddy.


Christmas Wreath

My mother wanted a handmade gift to bring to a friend in the UK.

This wreath is from 'Twas the Knits Before Christmas' by Fiona Goble. It was a fun knit, and great for using up oddments.


Faces and Hair

It's a Coraline and Wybie update.

Now I just have to make Coraline's coat and put some Velcro on Wybie's coat.


Posting Fail!

I thought I'd done a few posts over the last week, but obviously not. Whoops!

I had someone contact me through Facebook about making a Coraline doll. Obviously I said yes !!!!

I've used my large rag doll pattern for the basic body and just changed the legs so that it would be easier to dress the doll as it was requested that she have removable clothes.

This is a picture of Coraline with her not-quite-finished star sweater.

And here is Coraline again with her best friend Wybie.

I just need to find the right black buttons for the eyes so that I can do their faces, and then their hair.

And lastly, Coraline's yellow rain coat.

Busy, busy, busy!


Doll and Dress Gift Combo

On a bit of a go-slow this week as I have a really bad cold. It's just one big snot-fest. Yuk!

I have managed to finish this little dress and doll combo. And added it to my etsy shop www.missaine.etsy.com

It's €45 for the two items, which is pretty good value, if I do say so myself ;)


Mr. & Mrs.

A friend asked me to make cake toppers for their wedding last weekend. While I was at it I made a knitted Mr. & Mrs. 

Probably the most complicated thing I've knitted! It was fun though, and a good challenge.



Winding up a hank of Kilcarra Donegal Tweed this morning.

No fancy winders in this house!