Build-A-Bear Wardrobe

Emily is going to a party at Build-A-Bear Workshop so I thought some build-a-bear sized clothes would be a good present. I picked up a little cardboard suitcase in Tiger and searched Google, Pinterest and Ravelry for a few patterns.

The final touch is some wings, with elastic straps, so the bear can play dress-up.

Now Emily wants all the same clothes for her bear!


Yarn bombing

From Blarney Castle, Co. Cork, Ireland.


Where are all the cd's gone?

After a lot of packing, my husband's cd's are all up in the attic, and I have some beautiful storage space for my wool!


New Clothes for Heart Bear

All from the blog 'it's always autumn', it's from the Free Teddy Bear dress blogpost. (Can't link on my iPad but it comes up easy if you google it)

The pattern was very quick and easy to follow and the dress is reversible which is always a bonus!


New Stock

I just added this lot to my Etsy shop. www.missaine.etsy.com
All complete and ready to ship.

I've also been working on these dolls to replenish the Artists Gift Gallery in on Dawson Street in Dublin City.


New Doll

The shop I've been selling my doll dresses to has closed down - sniff!
I have been considering selling the dresses myself online. But I didn't have a large enough doll, and 20 inch vintage plastic dolls can be very expensive.
So I was over the moon to find this beauty at our local, annual garden fete for only €1!

I gave her a bit of a wash and brushed her hair to tidy her up a bit.

I think she will make a very good model!

Now I need to research when she was made. She has no distinct marking apart from DTD 6 on the back, and a Made in England stamp.

I also need to work out how best to style her hair. More time on Pinterest for me so!


Strawberry Peg Bag

The paper bag I had been using to hold my pegs finally died,

So I decided to make myself a new fabric one. I found an old baby hanger and drew around it on some red cordroy fabric.
Then I cut out a hole to put the pegs in and out.  But I cut the hole too big! So I picked a fabric to add as an insert rather than starting from scratch. A little bit of lace to girly it up, and a few motifs cut from the fabric and machine-sewn into the front on the bag. 

Then I stitched up the side and inserted the hanger.


And here it is in action.