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Baby Check-up

Emily had her three month check with the health nurse today. She is now 16 lbs and 63 cm long. Bigger than average but I'd kinda figured that seen as she's been in 3-6 month clothes for the past two weeks.

Not much crafting being done. I've been painting the hall instead. Did customise an old top of mine to make it into a breastfeeding top. Have to try it out. We're going on a family shopping day on Monday so I might try it out then in public.

I've also being customising a dress that I bought in Dunnes Stores. Its just a simple blue dress that I'm going to wear to the various weddings this summer. Have put some lace along the end and will pick up some ribbon or flowers or something to make it more 'me'.

Molly got a friend

Molly got a new friend today - Sabrina. I love her full-on bunches. Her dress is a bit tight though so I need to re-do the pattern for it so that its not quite so snug.

She looks pretty though.

Finished Molly's dress. She is just the cutest now. And Emily seems to like her.

I'll have to make another and try it on Etsy to see if it would sell. Still haven't sold anything - boo!


Well I'm trying to do better at actually taking pictures of Emily so that I have lots of memories. Also, we got two scrapbooks when she was born so need to have a few photos to put into them.

Here's a picture of Smem when she was playing with her dad yesterday.

Inspired by, I started to make a doll last night for Smem. Worked out a pattern for the body last night. Had to try the legs and arms twice as I found it too hard to turn the first set inside out. She doesn't look too bad! Think she will be called Molly. Started making a dress for her today so that involved more pattern making.


Long time no posting

Long time no posting! I have been so busy. Emily is staying awake more during the day so it means I have less time to do stuff.

I made another mat to send to Irene for baby Kate. Actually made this one to a decent size so sent it off in the post last week. It's called 'Cute As A Button'. I think it works quite well and it will definitely be one that I make again.

Went to Wexfored with Emily last week on Monday with my mother and came back on the train on Wednesday. All went well. My goddaughter came to visit - little Rhianna. Below is a picture of her with our cat at home, Mush. She absolutely loves him but he doesn't feel quite the same about her! And here's a picture of my sister, Katie, with Emily in the kitchen. As usual I forgot to take many photos so I only have a few from the kitchen.

And finally, the christening day. It went really well. There were loads of people and Emily was good as gold. She was passed from person to person all afternoon and never gave o…

Too Small

So the mat is finished. However it is too small to be a mat so I may buy a dowel to stick to the back and make it into a wall hangning. Also, I really like it so I might keep it for Emily's room.

Therefore, I have started another mat to send to Irene. It's got felt buttons appliqued onto calico squares and big blocks of colour between. It's quite nice to far. I have cut out all the pieces and figured out how I am going to arrange them so I just need to sew them altogether now. Shouldn't take too long.