Long time no posting

Long time no posting! I have been so busy. Emily is staying awake more during the day so it means I have less time to do stuff.

I made another mat to send to Irene for baby Kate. Actually made this one to a decent size so sent it off in the post last week. It's called 'Cute As A Button'. I think it works quite well and it will definitely be one that I make again.

Went to Wexfored with Emily last week on Monday with my mother and came back on the train on Wednesday. All went well. My goddaughter came to visit - little Rhianna. Below is a picture of her with our cat at home, Mush. She absolutely loves him but he doesn't feel quite the same about her! And here's a picture of my sister, Katie, with Emily in the kitchen. As usual I forgot to take many photos so I only have a few from the kitchen.

And finally, the christening day. It went really well. There were loads of people and Emily was good as gold. She was passed from person to person all afternoon and never gave out so we were really proud of her. Again forgot to take any photos, just one of her with my brother, Eoin. He took loads of photos though and has some of her in the infamous dress so will post that when I get copies from him.

I also made a dress for me for the christening so hopefully someone has a picture of me and I will post that too.
Until next time!

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