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Owl Cards

I wanted to make a cute little owl brooch as a birthday gift for someone I only kinda know and have been invited to their party.

So I googled owls and couldn't find anything I really liked, and couldn't quite draw my own version that I was happy with.

And then I remembered BugsandFishes. Laura has some amazing tutorials, and of course one of them was for an owl. Happy Days!

I didn't print off the pattern pieces, just roughed it but I think he's rather cute. I made a card to match.
I also made a 'Thinking of You' card with the same style of owl to send to a couple we know who just went through an ectopic pregnancy this week. Wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Princess Crown

I made a little crown today, originally as a present for my God-child for her birthday in November as I got her a book with princess stories in it for her.

However, Smem claimed the crown as her own so I have to make another!

Also modelled by me, as it stretches.
And of course, it had to go on baby also!

Another 'Knit your Pearls'

Love this pattern. It doesn't take long to make at all and looks really good.

1 more Christmas present made. I am on fire at the moment!

Painting some Inspiration!

Smem made me paint with her the other day. I was told to draw my sister Katie (looks nothing like her by the way!), and then a foot. And then I just carried on painting and had a little fun.

Can you guess what animal I would like to make a pattern for soon?

I also got inspiration for an ATC challenge I have to have done by 3rd Sept.

I hadn't intended that but it was a good impetus to start. I've already done some applique for it and just need to do the embroidery.

Its nice to inspire yourself sometimes!

Garden Produce

A teeny weeny carrot...

And some bloody massive courgettes!

I have no idea what I'm going to do with these. And the plants are still growing loads more courgettes. I'm due to meet up with college mates this weekend so I may pick a bag of them and try pass them off as there is no way we can eat as many as are growing in the garden.

Still only have green tomatoes ;(

With Blueberry Heart Quilts

A blog I want to highlight, 'with blueberry heart quilts'

At the moment she is posting a free little Christmas embroidery pattern each week. They are absolutely adorable, and her illustrations are amazing. Just scroll down through older posts to see others that she has shared.

Haven't made one yet so can't post a picture but I'm seeing these maybe on potholders or something as Christmas presents.

Christmas Present No.1

All lovely patterns that I found through Ravelry. How did I ever survive before I found Ravelry?!

I had some lovely soft 4ply yarn I'd gotten on our honeymoon in Stockholm and it worked out perfect for this present.

The gloves are 'La Princesse st le lapin'. Its originally a french pattern so the translation is a bit funky in places but as long as you do the exact same for both gloves it probably doesn't matter too much. I found it a very easy pattern to knit and it looks really well, and didn't take too long to make.

The necklace is 'knit your pearls'. This was a really fun pattern. Its really just 3 i-cords with rectangles at each end for fastening. Still have to sew on a button but its pretty much done. And its another quick project so perfect for last minute presents.

The corsage is from my new favourite pattern, 'corsage'. Its a really quick and simple project to make but looks so good. It was originally designed as a Fourth of July corsag…

A pretty box of tricks!

A little box of various ribbons, netting, wool, beads, feathers.

Tonight I will be mostly making corsages!

A completion of a Christmas present for my sister (finished objects to follow) and a present for a bride-to-be at her hen night.

Wedding Toppers

Another custom order for an Etsy customer.

WIP - Poncho

I tried the poncho I made on Smem.

Its soooooo wrong!

Fair enough, on the arm holes I was winging it so I'm not surprised that's not right.
But the shape isn't right either. Its too wide for the length. I'll have to rip it back and start again from the hood down. This time I think I may increase every third or fourth row instead of every second row to make it longer.
And I may get out the measuring tape and do some maths to figure out where to put the arm holes.

Wish me luck!


Back from a few days visiting my parents in Wexford. We were lucky and the weather was pretty nice so we got to the beach every day.

And I now have a very 'sunned' looking toddler!

Baby Backpack

Smem has had her eye on a little backpack in the local Tesco for a while. The cool thing about it is there's a section at the front which holds a little baby doll.

So I told her I would make one for her.

But its a bit floppy. Not helped by her very heavy baby doll.

She likes it though!

WIP - Poncho

My poor neglected blog. I spend each evening trying to knit as much as possible and only open the computer to check my emails and any new patterns on Ravelry ;)

At the moment I'm knitting a poncho for my god-child who will be 4 in November (being really pro-active and starting well ahead of time!).

Its a Drops pattern from Garnstudio. I hate how Drops patterns are written as you always have to work out lots of the pattern yourself i.e. decrease 7 sts across the row.

But it does look nice to far. I added arm holes and will make a pocket on the front for her hands. Just need to try it on Smem for size to figure out where to put the pocket.

A very quick knit. I've done this much in 3 days so I'd recommend it for last minute presents!

Today I made ...

Courgette Chutney!

Its my first time to grow veg and my courgettes have done quite well. A few too many for us to eat so I made a few jars of chutney. It smelt gorgeous so hopefully it will taste nice too!

Wee Wonderfuls: 24 Dolls to Sew and Love By Hillary Lang

A wonderul little animation to promote Wee Wonderfuls new book.

I wish I could make softies this easily!

New toys listed in shop

Gretchen and Toddler Tom are now for sale in my Etsy shop (click on link to the left)

The pattern for Toddler Tom should be in the shop by the end of the week.

Just need to type it up ;)

To market, to market!

Another day at the market. An even less successful day than in July (boo!). The organiser did say that it tends to get slow during the summer. Bummer.

Here's hoping it picks up in September. Plus, they're to have markets on both Saturday and Sunday every weekend from November on to get the Christmas crowd so that should be good.

Fingers crossed.