WIP - Poncho

My poor neglected blog. I spend each evening trying to knit as much as possible and only open the computer to check my emails and any new patterns on Ravelry ;)

At the moment I'm knitting a poncho for my god-child who will be 4 in November (being really pro-active and starting well ahead of time!).

Its a Drops pattern from Garnstudio. I hate how Drops patterns are written as you always have to work out lots of the pattern yourself i.e. decrease 7 sts across the row.

But it does look nice to far. I added arm holes and will make a pocket on the front for her hands. Just need to try it on Smem for size to figure out where to put the pocket.

A very quick knit. I've done this much in 3 days so I'd recommend it for last minute presents!


Cathy said…
Your poncho is beautiful! You did all that in 3 days? Wow!! Great job!!
miss aine said…
Easy when you're holding two strands of aran weight yarn and using 8mm needles. And its only big enough for a 4 year old!

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