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My tiling efforts

We took up the lino in our little under-the-stairs bathroom after our leak at Christmas. And since then it was just plain concrete floor.

Which had to be remedied before the party on Sunday as we couldn't have so many visitors using that bathroom and it looking so bad! So I bought some self-adhesive tiles and stuck them down.

Its not a great job, and probably won't last too long, but it did for the occasion and might last for a little while.

The Birthday Girl

A little pic of Smem running around the garden yesterday afternoon, on her actual birthday, in a lovely dress she got from her grandparents.

And a little pic she took of me sitting in the sun with my growing bump!

Bunny Nuggets

The favours for Smem's birthday (Bunny Nuggets by Rebecca Danger)

They'll all go into little bags with some Easter sweeties and some bubbles.

Birthday Baking

Yesterday and today have been spent mostly baking for Smem's 3rd birthday (3 years!).

I, helped by Smem, made Rice Krispie marshmallow squares, iced fairy cakes, chocolate brownies and carrot cake.

Tomorrow is the actual party so I'm going to make a little simple sponge cake for the actual birthday cake.

And now I should be typing up a pattern for a submission, and knitting the mystery KAL that I'm way behind on, but I'm too tired and not bothered enough.

So I will sit and drink coffee(decaf of course!) and watch the tv!


DH requested a little bridezilla for a friend of his who recently got engaged. It is fitting - she had the wedding venue booked long before the actual proposal.

Its one of Jean Greenhowe's patterns, Little Men and Monsters, with the addition of a veil.

Fuzzy Farm

A Fuzzy Mitten pattern, Fuzzy Farm, knit as a request for someone recently.

Its a cute quick and simple pattern and was easy to follow.

Happy St Patrick's Day

A few shots from the parade in Celbridge today.

In other news, tomorrow, the 18th, is the bloggers day of silence as a mark of respect for the people in Japan. I read about it on Little Cotton Rabbit's blog.

Having spent 5 months working in Japan during my college years I watched the news over the last few days with horror. And I have an uncle who still lives and works in Japan. Luckily he is based in Osaka so he's far away from the disaster area.

Melvin and Marian - Another 2

I think I may be addicted to making these little bears!

These two are earmarked for Smem's friends who have birthdays in the next few months. I'm trying to be super prepared.


Made using a special baking tray my mother got me for my birthday. You put the mixture in, then put in the divider, and pop it in the oven to cook. Once its cooked and cooled down a bit, take out the dividers and you have perfectly shaped and edged brownies.

Pretty cool invention!


Another toy pattern from the Wee Wonderfuls book. This time Melvin. This was a quick and easy pattern to follow. He's supposed to have clothes so that he's dressed like a librarian, but I like him clothes-less!

The shape kind of reminds me of the Octonauts, a children's cartoon that's made in Ireland.

Another Fairy - Poppy

Again from my own pattern, Little People - Enchanted Wood.

Sock Monkey

This started out as a bunny, then turned into a dog, but looked better as a monkey, as I'd made his arms and legs really long.

Smem's Photos

A self-portrait,
And a picture of me, busy sewing.

Loads of pictures of random bits of the house, and just blurry stuff.

Spring Fairy

Intended for the market in April, but claimed by Smem!

Family Day at the Playground


Clues 1 + 2

Clues 1 + 2 done of the mystery KAL.

I must confess to having looked through the patterns on Ravelry to see what it might be - and I had guessed right!

It should make a nice project.

Feeling Tired

So I've been feeling a bit crappy over the last two weeks. Really uncomfortable all the time, and too tired in the evenings to even pick up my knitting needles - not good.

Then I realised that I wasn't actually eating as much as I need (screw what the dietitian says about portion size, I just need to eat all round me when I'm pregnant!). I've also been wearing very light shoes which aren't giving me enough support and therefore my hips have been hurting. So now I'm onto studier shoes, and a support belt for the giant bowling ball I have stuffed up under my jumper!

So knitting and sewing projects should resume presently.

I signed up, only a few days ago, for a mystery KAL on Ravelry run my Ariel, who often reads my blog (hello!). That has helped to kick-start the return to productivity.

That, and the fact that I've signed up for a market on 17th April, so I need to make some toys to sell!

Happy crafting everyone!